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Prof Joanne Garde-Hansen

Joanne Garde-Hansen

Professor, Culture, Media and Communication

Tel: +44 (0)24 761 50931
Email: J dot Garde-Hansen at warwick dot ac dot uk
1.55 Faculty of Arts Building (FAB)


Joanne Garde-Hansen is Professor of Culture, Media and Communication at the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies. Her research and teaching focus upon media histories, memories and archives. This is manifest in two strands of research. The first, relates to her collaboration with television researchers on television history, heritage and memory and the co-founding of the Centre for Television Histories with Rachel Moseley and Helen Wheatley (Film and TV Studies). The second, is in her collaboration with geographers, water scientists and UWE's Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience Link opens in a new windowon the relationship between culture and water, rivers, flooding and drought. She has published on popular culture, media and memory, television, archives, water memories, and mediations of flood and drought. She is a Fellow of the HE Academy, was nominated for a National Teaching Fellowship, and has won awards for outstanding module design and public engagement. She is on the management committee of the the EU COST: Action - Slow Memory: Transformative Practices for Times of Uneven and Accelerating Change (2021-2025) focusing on Transformations of the Environment.

Research interests

I have led the AHRC funded research network The Afterlives of ProtestLink opens in a new window with partners at Kings, Loughborough and Sussex, and I am part of the international Transformative MemoryLink opens in a new window research group and Slow Memory COST Action. I have been the co-researcher on the AHRC funded research network Women, Ageing and MediaLink opens in a new window (with UWE and UoG) and co-investigator on the ESRC funded Sustainable Flood Memories projectLink opens in a new window (with UWE and CCRI) and the follow-up ESRC funded Knowledge Exchange project with the Environment Agency on Digital Stories of FloodingLink opens in a new window. I have a longstanding collaboration with colleagues in Brazil on the theory and practice of a social technology of media and memory. Recent books include Media and Water (IB Tauris 2021), Remembering British Television with Kristyn Gorton (BFI 2019); Social Memory Technology: Theory, Practice, Action with Karen Worcman (Routledge 2016) and Remembering Dennis Potter Through Fans, Extras and Archives with Hannah Grist (Palgrave Pivot 2014).

Research projects

I am currently writing with Red Chidgey (KCL) a small monograph for Palgrave on Museums, Archives and Protest Memory and we are collaborating on editing a handbook for Routledge on Media and Memory. I am researching with Tanaya Guha (Glasgow) the integration of media studies with machine learning through the Age and AI on ScreenLink opens in a new window project. The book with Kristyn Gorton Remembering British Television: Audiences, Archive and Industry (BFI) was based on a British Academy Small Grant (2013-2014) and drew together television scholars, producers, creatives and television archivists. This was extended into new research with Matt Hills and Jonathan Gray on para-textual media and memory studies during 2016-2017 with a publication on Dr Who. Television history research and water research have been combined in the 'Amphibious Screens - Sustainable Cultures of Water'Link opens in a new window seminar series (2022) and the follow on Sustainable Screen Production in Cornwall (2023) with Rachel Moseley and Gemma Goodman.

Since 2012-2013, I have been working with Karen Worcman (Museu da Pessoa, Brazil), Gilson Schwartz (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Danilo Rothberg (Unesp) and Carlos Falci (University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil) on the following projects: Beyond the Digital: Collective Memory and Social Networks in Emerging Global Conflicts funded by the British Council/FAPESP; Memory as Metadata funded by Warwick's Brazil Partnership Fund; and a series of events during 2015 with Brazilian colleagues funded through the Institute of Advanced Study's Visiting Fellowship Scheme. My focus on storytelling and the environment continued as a research strand after the Flood Memories project completed. I have collaborated with Rob Procter (Computer Science) on an ESRCIAA funded project entitled Developing a Flood Memory App (2015). From 2014-2019, I was co-investigator with Prof Lindsey McEwen (UWE) in the Natural Environment Research Council funded project: Developing a Drought Narrative Resource in a Multi-Stakeholder Decision-Making Utility for Drought Risk Management or DRY (Drought Risk and You). During 2016-2017 I visited Bauru, Brazil to explore Narratives of WaterLink opens in a new window and digital hydro-citizenship with Danilo Rothberg in a Warwick-Fapesp funded project with the State University of Sao Paulo. With colleagues at Warwick and Glasgow I was co-investigator of the Waterproofing Data projectLink opens in a new window (2018-2021) which was nominated for a THE Award Research Project of the Year 2022 (for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences). I was consultant to the Fapesp funded MEANDRO Project in Brazil (2018-2020).

Teaching and supervision

I teach or supervise the following modules this year:
  • Thinking Culture and Creativity
  • Creativity, Communication and Technology
  • Mediated Self Project
  • Leading for Innovation
  • Research Design
  • Dissertation/Major Project

Research supervision

I would be interested in supervising postgraduate students who wish to research popular media cultures, media technology, women, ageing and media, media histories and heritage, media and memory, media cultures and the environment. I have supervised PhDs to successful completion and examined PhDs in the UK and abroad.

Administrative roles

  • Centre Director and Deputy Head of School (2017-2020)
  • Admissions Tutor
  • School Research Committee (Director of Research and Impact for CMPS)
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Financial and General Purposes Committee
  • Campus and Commercial Services Steering Committee

Selected publications

  • Garde-Hansen, J (2023) 'Living with/without water: media, memory and gender' Living with Water: Everyday Encounters and Liquid Connections, edited by Charlotte Bates and Kate Moles (Manchester: Manchester UP), pp. 100-120
  • Garde-Hansen, Calvillo, Lima-Silva, Trajber and Albuquerque (2022) 'From Extreme Weather Events to ‘Cascading Vulnerabilities: Participatory Flood Research Methodologies in Brazil During COVID-19' Journal of Extreme Events [online ready versionLink opens in a new window]
  • Porto de Albuquerque, João and Anderson, Liana and Calvillo, Nerea and Cattino, Massimo and Clarke, Andrew and Cunha, Maria Alexandra and Degrossi, Livia and Garde-Hansen, Joanne and Klonner, Carolin and Lima-Silva, Fernanda and Marchezini, Victor and Martins, Mario and Pajarito Grajales, Diego and Pitidis, Vangelis and Rizwan, Mohammed and Tkacz, Nathaniel and Trajber, Rachel, (2022) 'Dialogic Data Innovations for Sustainability Transformations and Flood Resilience: The Case for Waterproofing Data' Available at SSRN: opens in a new window
  • Garde-Hansen, J (2021) Media and Water: Communication, Culture and Perception, (IB Tauris)
  • Garde-Hansen, J and Rothberg, D (2021) 'Improving water governance in Brazil: an organisational memory approach' Ambiente and Sociedade, 24Link opens in a new window
  • Garde-Hansen, J and Gorton, K (2019) Remembering British Television: Audiences, Archives and Industries, (London: BFI)
  • Garde-Hansen, J and Hills, M (2017) 'Fandom’s paratextual memory: remembering, reconstructing, and repatriating “lost” Doctor Who' Critical Studies in Media Communication, 34: 2, 158-167
  • Garde-Hansen, J, McEwen, L J, Jones, O, Krause, K, and Holmes, A (2016) 'Sustainable Flood Memories, Lay Knowledges and the Development of Community Resilience to Future Flood Risk' Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (TIBG), 42: 1, 14-28
  • Garde-Hansen, J and Schwartz, G (2017) ‘Iconomy of Memory: on remembering as digital, civic and corporate currency’ in Digital Memory Studies: Media Pasts in Transition edited by Andrew Hoskins (London: Routledge)
  • Garde-Hansen, J, McEwen, L J, Holmes, A, and Jones, O (2016) ‘Sustainable Flood Memory: remembering as resilience’, Memory Studies. Online First version
  • Garde-Hansen, J and Worcman, K (2016) Social Memory Technology: Theory, Practice, Action (New York: Routledge)
  • Garde-Hansen, J, McEwen, L J, and Jones, O (2016) ‘Towards a memo-techno-ecology: mediating memories of extreme flooding in resilient communities’ in Memory in a Mediated World: Remembrance and Reconstruction Edited by Andrea Hajek, Christine Lohmeier and Christian Pentzold (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Garde-Hansen, J (2015) 'Digital memories and media of the future' in Conboy and Steel (eds) Routledge Companion to British Media History (London: Routledge), 582-593
  • Garde-Hansen, J and Grist, H (2014) Remembering Dennis Potter Through Fans, Extras and Archives (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Garde-Hansen, J, F Krause and Whyte, N (2013) 'Flood Memories - media, narratives and remembrance of wet landscapes in England' Journal of Arts and Communities, 4: 1-2.
  • Garde-Hansen J and Gorton, K (2013) Emotion Online: Theorizing Affect on the Internet (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Garde-Hansen, J (2013) 'Friendship Photography: Memory, Mobility and Social Networking' in M Sandbye and J Larsen (ed.) Digital Snapshots: Rethinking Photography (IB Tauris).
  • Garde-Hansen, J and Gorton, K (2013) 'From Old Media Whore to New Media Troll: Madonna's Ageing Body', Feminist Media Studies 13:2, 288-302.
  • Garde-Hansen, J and Jones, O (eds.) (2012) Geography and Memory (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Garde-Hansen, J (2011) Media and Memory (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press).
  • Garde-Hansen, J, Hoskins, A and Reading, A (eds.) (2009) Save As... Digital Memories (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan)

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Professional Associations

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • International Corresponding Editor for Media Culture and Society
  • Editorial Board of Memory Studies
  • Editorial Board of Cambridge Journal of Memory, Mind & Media
  • Editorial Board of Memory Studies Review
  • British Academy Peer Reviewer

Office Hour

Term 3 2022/23 - Thursdays 12:30-1:30pm of Faculty of Arts building (Room 1.55), or email to make an in person appointment at a different time or online through Teams.


Creativity, Communication and Technology (PG)

Thinking Culture and Creativity (UG)

Mediated Self Project (UG)

Leading for Innovation (UG)

Applied Communication Project (PG)


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