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Marta Wasik


I hold a Masters for Research degree in Film Studies and a BA degree in Film and Literature both from the University of Warwick. I have also completed a Post-Graduate course in Gender Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

My research interests include media history, narratives of domesticity, british avant-garde of the 1980s and girlhood studies.


“Tracing the home movie imagination”

Supervisor: Professor Charlotte Brunsdon

The focus of this project is the development of the poetics of home movie representation. It involves the tracing of the cinematic history of family films from early depictions of the intersection of domesticity and technology to 21st century analogue nostalgia. Focusing predominantly on US and UK fiction film, I am asking what are the narrative, epistemological and affective tropes mobilized though the depiction of home movie material and how they have clarified and shifted over time. What does cinema have to say about home movies, and conversely, what does its depiction of home movies say about itself?

Other Work

During the Autumn Term 2013 I have assisted Dr. Catherine Constable in teaching seminars on the Theories of the Moving Image Module.

I have been a representative and chair of the PG Student-Staff Liaison Committee. I am also a convener of the interdisciplinary PG Girlhood Reading Group.



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