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The Ecologies of Amateur Theatre, has won the 2019 David Bradby TaPRA Award for outstanding research.

Congratulations to Nadine Holdsworth and colleagues Helen Nicholson (Royal Holloway) and Jane Milling (University of Exeter) on this fantastic achievement.

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Pictured: The Ecologies of Amateur Theatre (Palgrave Macmillan 2018), WINNER OF THE DAVID BRADBY AWARD 2019 

Sensing the City: An Urban Room Opens in The Herbert Today!

Sensing the City: An Urban Room is a collaborative exhibition curated by Sarah Shalgosky & Fiona Venables with contributions from artists Michael Lightborne, The Tank, Carolyn Deby/sirenscrossing. The exhibition also hosts a grid map of Coventry designed for Sensing the City by Dave Allen and contributions from Coventrians.

Herbert Gallery

Monday, January 13 to Saturday, January 18.

We are bringing together the findings, stories, questions, images, inspirations and much more from our three years long journey in and around Coventry city centre in this exhibition taking place on 13-18th January 2020 at The Herbert Gallery. We are hoping this exhibition will serve as an Urban Room, to revisit together some of the key questions the research team and commissioned artists have been working with...

  • How can the human body be in measure of the city?
  • How can a focus on human sensing enhance the habitability of urban life?
  • What do the sensed contours, textures and atmospheres of the city tell us about it?
  • Who and what is Coventry city centre for?
  • What kind of city do we wish to live in?
Mon 13 Jan 2020, 15:14 | Tags: Research Impact Sensing the City Events

Prof. Nicolas Whybrow is invited to speak at PLAY, an Interdisciplinary symposium hosted by The Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London

Prof. Nicolas Whybrow is making a contribution to an interdisciplinary symposium on Play and its Potential Publics at the Institute of Advanced Study, UCL on 14th September. The paper is called "Sensing the City: a Road Map".

This symposium will bring together scholars in the social sciences and humanities to ask how the potentials of play can operate in public life. We will consider what the consequences are of extending play beyond any defined or intended limits: how it can become integrated with the everyday, the trivial with the serious, the imaginary with the real, the sacred with the profane.

Mon 09 Sep 2019, 09:00 | Tags: Research Sensing the City Prof. Nicolas Whybrow

Michael Pigott shows film installation about Coventry Ring Road as part of the AHRC Sensing the City project

Michael Pigott shows film installation about Coventry Ring Road as part of the AHRC Sensing the City project.

Thu 06 Jun 2019, 12:00 | Tags: Research Sensing the City

Professor Nicolas Whybrow speaks about the Sensing the City Project as part of UN World Cities Day

What is Warwick doing to address the challenges faced by cities and the people that live in them?

To celebrate UN World Cities Day, the Sustainable Cities GRP is holding a half-day event to showcase cities research at Warwick. Besides offering the opportunity to hear more about the wide variety of research being undertaken in the cities space, this event will also offer the opportunity to advance university wide relationships and to learn more about research opportunities linked to cities.

Professor Nicolas Whybrow will begin the conference with his paper 'Sensing the City: an Embodied Documentation and Mapping of the Changing Uses and Tempers of Urban Space'. To learn more about the Sensing the City project click HERE or follow the project on twitter @SensingTheCity

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