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Emeritus Professor Jocelyn Mattisson

Jocelyn Mattisson
Emeritus Professor of Medieval Theatre and Ritual

Email: TBC

Room G30, Millburn House
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7HS


Jocelyn gained her undergraduate degree from the University of Nottingham and went on to achieve a PhD in Folkloric Theatre and Performance from the University of Bath. She has spent her entire career as an educator and researcher, working at Heidelberg University in Germany, before joining the team here at Warwick.

With a firm focus on european folklore and pagan custom her areas of interest are related predominantly to how european cultures have harnessed the performative aspects of ritual and cultivated such strong beliefs and traditions around these practices.

Jocelyn is currently working in private on her next publication.

Research Interests

Medieval theatre, pagan customs, British and European ritual, Druidic practises

Selected Publications

Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies (Contributor)

Mystical Healing and Lingering Power: A Synopsis of Druid Ritual And Associated Artefacts. Booker Press, 1999. Out of Print.

The Power of Voice: The Hunt for the Mermaid's Tongue, 2020. Published online. (Link Below)


PhD, Folkloric Theatre and Performance, University of Bath

BA, University of Nottingham

Office Hours

Jocelyn is an Emeritus Professor and is therefore no longer active in the Department. Please email to arrange an appointment.


Jocelyn is no longer teaching in the Department. Her former modules included:

Medieval Theatre in Britain

European Rituals as Performance