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Dynastic Marriages and their Political and Social Reverberations, 1612-1615

Warburg Institute, University of London

18thand 19th March 2011
Conference Organisers: Margaret McGowan, Ronnie Mulryne and Margaret Shewring
The double dynastic marriages in 1615 between two major catholic powers - Spanish Hapsburg Philip III and French Louis XIII - were celebrated with magnificence on an unprecedented scale; yet they were politically divisive. The conference will explore the extraordinary variety of festival events put on both in major cities such as Paris, Naples, Burgos and Madrid, and in small towns along the route to and from Spain. Princely entries interspersed with elaborate banquets reworked mythological and culinary traditions; court ballets, carrousels and lavish fireworks necessitated the transformation of theatrical space made possible by the flair of French and Italian architects and hydraulic engineers and brought new challenges for artists, choreographers and composers.

We shall adopt an interdisciplinary approach to analyse these shows and to bring them alive in their immediate intellectual, cultural and political contexts. Protestants in France and elsewhere in Europe fought hard to prevent these alliances which, however, were to be regarded with pride and nostalgia by novelists and artists [for example Rubens] who deemed them 'blessed by the Gods'.


 Speakers include:

Ines Aliverti (University of Pisa, Italy)
Marie-Claude Canova-Green (Goldsmiths College, University of London)
Monique Chatenet (Conservateur en chef du patrimoine, Paris)
Paulette Choné (Nancy, France)
Sir John Elliott (Oriel College, University of Oxford)
Patrice Franchet d’Espèrey (Institut français du cheval et de l’equitation)
Chantal Grell (Université de Versailles, Saint-Quentin)
Iain Fenlon (King’s College, University of Cambridge)
Kristian Jensen (British Library)
Jill Kraye (Warburg Institute, University of London)
Margaret McGowan (University of Sussex)
Ronnie Mulryne (University of Warwick)
Robert O'Toole (University of Warwick)

François Quiviger (Warburg Institute, University of London)

Nicolas le Roux (Université de Lyon, France)
David Sánchez-Cano (Universidad Alfonso X, Madrid)
Margaret Shewring (University of Warwick)
The conference is under the auspices of the Society for European Festivals Research and forms part of the Society’s annual conference series.
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