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Rakel Marin Ezpeleta

About Me

Performer and PhD candidate in Theatre Studies at the UAB (Barcelona), with Milija Gluhovic (UW) as External Advisor. She has been part of TPS department’s PhD program both in 2018 and again in 2019 thanks to an Erasmus+ agreement and scholarship. She is in the last phase and year of her part-time research.

Research interests

The research project “Identity Configurations in the Contemporary Experimental Basque Theatre Scene” investigates performance practice in relation to identity and contemporaneity within Basque Country during the period between 2000 and 2015. It explores how cultural and personal identity is performed theatrically in this context, while considering both the European and globalized character of this community as well as its historical and cultural particularities.

The project developed based on the following questions: Which aspects of cultural and personal identity most influence current theatrical creation? How are certain signs of identity configured in a mise-en-scène and how does the audience perceive them? How can artistic research inform a doctoral study on identity? The methodological challenge of the project was to design a unique model that structured all of these queries and the different disciplinary approaches relevant to the subject of study. The research project, overall, debates the possibility of generating a comparative analysis of theatre practice with regard to the notion of cultural identities, and further investigates whether theatre practice helps to define the form of these identities.

In this sense, the research, on the one hand, provides a foundation for the analysis and history of contemporary Basque theatre, and, at the same time, establishes a methodological framework that is responsive to the nature of these practices and the context in which they operate. The strategy to achieve these goals consists of a trans-disciplinary methodology that conflates historical, anthropological and sociological approaches to the object of study, plus comparative analysis of case-studies and, among them, my own artistic practice: a multilingual one-woman show entitled "Erbeste” (‘exile’, in Basque language) created to explore (and eventually respond) artistically to the same queries -stated above- for the overall project.

I aim to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in two ways: first, by offering a contextualized and comparative overview of the scenic reality of Basque Country in the 21st century, with the analysis of significant stagings and of the correlation between these staging and the socio-cultural context in which they are produced. Secondly, by contributing to the development of methodologies for cross-disciplinary and practice based researches by virtue of a procedural structure specifically created to adequate this vibrant subject. Supervisors to this project are Victor Molina & Esther Belvis, at Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Milija Gluhovic at University of Warwick.


MARÍN EZPELETA, Rakel (2020): Teatro experimental y cambio de milenio. Euskadi como reflejo. Genealogías, contextos y procesos. Leioa: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad del País Vasco, UPV/EHU.

MARÍN, Rakel (2018) ‘Autobiography and Identity. Performance as Research’, Estudis Escènics, Quaderns de l’Institut del Teatre #43. Diputació de Barcelona: pp. 366-379. // ‘Autobiografía e identidad. La práctica artística como investigación’, Estudis Escènics, Quaderns de l’Institut del Teatre #43 Diputació de Barcelona: pp. 112-126.

MARÍN EZPELETA, Rakel (2016): “Traducir la identidad o identificarse con el plurilingüismo” in Bèatrice BOTTIN (ed.), Nuevos asedios al teatro contemporáneo. Creación, experimentación y difusión en los siglos XX y XXI (España-Francia-América). Madrid: Fundamentos, Col. Arte: pp. 193-205.

MARÍN EZPELETA, Rakel & DANIEL, Henry (2016): “Ambos lados: deconstructing identity, performing memory” in Lluis Masgrau (ed.), Estudis escènics: Quaderns de l'Institut del Teatre, num. 41-42. Diputació de Barcelona-Institut del Teatre: pp. 78-86.

DANIEL, Henry & EZPELETA, Rakel (2014): “Project Barca: New Architectures of Memory and Identity - A Case Study on the Impact of Performance as Research” in Annette Arlander (Ed.), The impact of Performance as research. Proceedings of CARPA3 - Colloquium On Artistic Research In Performing Arts-, University of the Arts Helsinki & Theatre Academy, Helsinki: pp. 190-206.

Other professional activity

Member of IFTR’s Performance as Research Working Group since 2013.

Office hours

By appointment