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Professor Cathia Jenainati

Professor Jenainati is a multidisciplinary academic whose teaching and research interests range from Literature to Enviromental Studies. She has a background in science, having completed a Biology undergradaute degree and studied medical sciences until her passion for undertaking research into the perceptions of health and illness amongst various native tribes diverted her away from practicing medicine and into academic research.
Professor Jenainati completed a BA in English and went on to earn an MA and PhD in Comparative Literary Studies. The Comparative side of her studies is evident in her approach to teaching and research. She has developed a unique approach to course design which combines Problem-based learning with interdisciplinary teaching, enabling students to achieve depth of knowledge and breadth of perspective.
research interests and illustrative output
In addition to designing innovative degree courses and modules, Professor Jenainati has been actively engaged in research within the fields of

  • Anglophone and Francophone Literature, specifically : Women's Writing in the North American Continent; Nineteenth-century Writing by Settlers and Travel Writers; Contemporary Anglophone and Francophone Canadian Fiction
  • Literature of the Arabic-speaking World; Theory and History of the Women's Movement, especially in Arab-speaking countries; Translation Studies
  • Pedagogy on Problem-based Learning

Recently she completed the Warwick Database of Arabic Resources, Warwick DAR, a unique repository of original materials including essays, translations, biographies and author interviews. The Warwick DAR supports the teaching and research activities on modules such as Art & Revolution, Issues and Problems in Arab Societies, Consumption and Sustainability.

Another area of interest is the field of Coaching in Education in which Professor Jenainati is a practitioner and researcher. Her most recent publication is an framework for using a coaching approach in supervising undergraduate research (in van Nieuwerburgh 2016). Professor Jenainati is Associate Editor of Coaching : An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice (Taylor & Francis).

Professor Jenainati is currently leading on an Erasmus+ funded project which involves 5 other European Universities. The project is titled The Best Liberal Arts and Science Teaching Expanded and Reinforced (BLASTER) and will run until 2018. Warwick University are leading on the Undergraduate Research strand; other strands include Quality Standards and Assessment led by ECOLAS and Professional Development and Teacher Training led by University College Roosevelt.

teaching and supervision

In addition to setting up the Liberal Arts and Global Sustainable Degree courses, Professor Jenainati has been involved in the design and delivery of programmes and individual modules in various subject areas across the faculties of Arts, Science and Social Science.

Professor Jenainati has supervised a broad range of dissertation topics on North American Writing of the 19th and 20th centuries; The History of the Women's movement in Europe, North America and The Arab World; Children's literature; Contemporary British Literature; Translation Studies; Arabic Studies. She is also interested in supervising dissertations on contemporary Arab and Francophone literature (especially Egyptian, Moroccan, Saudi, Tunisian and Lebanese authors who write either in Arabic or in French). Particular topics of interest are narratives of memory and remembering, history and historiography, narratives of old age, perceptions of illness and well-being among tribal communities (including Native American, Bedouin and Aboriginal).


In 2005 Professor Jenainati received the Butterworth Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence.

In 2012 she received the Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE) 2012.

In addition Professor Jenainati has participated in numerous symposia and has advised on curriculum development at national and international levels.