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Food Intercept

Event : Food sale

Description : We are a small group of students, taking part in a social enterprise called Food Intercept which is part of Enactus Warwick. We are collecting fruit and vegetables from Coventry food market and a local greengrocer which would be otherwise thrown away for aesthetic reasons. From there, we are taking this food to a kitchen in Coventry called Mum's Kitchen which employs single, minority women who have had very hard backgrounds and so provides them with financial and social support. They are preparing meals such as curries, fruit salads and pakoras for us which we are selling on campus. Most recipes are vegan so we hope by encouraging a plant-based diet, this will lead to more sustainable food choices. The money we make from these sales will be used to pay wages for these women, and we hope to empower them by providing them with this support.

Menu : Vegetable Curry and Rice (£4); Three Pakoras (£2); Fruit Salad (£2)

Location : School for Cross-faculty Studies Common Room, Third Floor, Ramphal Building, R3.35

Date : Every Monday from 12:00 – 15:00

NOTE: we are keen to ensure that this is a sustainable Food sale; we will be using recyclable and compostable cutlery and take away boxes. We encourage you to bring your own containers where that is possible.