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Creative Public Engagement

Generating Knowledge: Research and Teaching for the 'Real World'

Global Sustainable Development (GSD) is not just worrying about the state of the world, but undertaking indepth research and developing concrete proposals to better manage the development process.

To this end, we strive to fully integrated Research and Teaching. While our research active staff contribute cutting edge knowledge to both wider stakeholders and our degree programs, much of our student experience involves Research-based-Learning. Here students learn as they are guided by academics through collaborative and often personalised research, right from Year 1. Much of this work might be described as Problem-Based-Learning (PBL): wherein students take real world problems and seek to identify relevant intellectual and practical responses. Here we aim to transform the student experience: reducing the amount of teaching and testing, and encouraging students to work alongside academic mentors in creating knowledge of potential valuable to outside stakeholders, be they other students, citizens or real-world decision makers.

Taking this approach, we aspire to fully integrate the mission of the University of Warwick to create excellent research that is relevant to local, national and international stakeholders, while at the same time providing a highly enabling environment for students to achieve their potential as Global Citizens. Through this holistic relationship between research and education, we are better placed to collectively champion social, cultural and economic growth, and promote much more sustainable development for the future.

Please explore some of the best examples from our collective work through the categories below:

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Creative Public Engagement

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