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Local Sustainable Development: The City of Coventry

The collective agenda for Global Sustainable Development (GSD) is largely shaped by much more local processes. Therefore, second year GSD students have the opportunity to learn about Local Sustainable Development. Following the University of Warwick’s commitment to local and regional engagement, this is taught through research-based methods (see GD203 module overview) focused on the City of Coventry.

Students enrolled on the 'Phoenix' module are able to follow their own interests as they participate as members of a research team, led by the module leader, to research and write a historically situated, yet highly contemporary assessment of Sustainable Development in the City of Coventry. Based on these group projects, individuals then think creatively, to propose evidence-based policy and practice suggestions for further positive change. In this way, student learning is embedded in authentic real world challenges, and our research-based-teaching has the opportunity to contribute knowledge back to the city the city and its many stakeholders.

The module will run for the first time Oct-Dec 2017. However, preparatory work has already started to create resources and we hope to share new outputs as the term progresses.

We would love to hear what you think of our work, and warmly welcome thoughts in the Comments Section at the bottom of this webpage or via our Contact Form.

Sustainable Development Events in Coventry

There are many events in Coventry that are related to Sustainabel Develoment. Please see our calander here, where we would welcome other suggestions of happenings to include and share.

Coventry's Population Statistics

As part of our work, we have aggregated a statistical and graphical account of Coventry's population between 1086 and 2017. You can view the excel spreadsheet here; which can then be downloaded and used for any purposes you so wish. We would be pleased to recieve additional information or any comments on this resource via our Contact Form.

Existing Literature about Coventry

As part of research work, students are building a bibliography of existing published literature about the City of Coventry. As well as being useful for our learning, we hope this resource will be valuable for others interested in the historical and contemporary city. You can view our current bibliography here, and we would love you to add entries and comments of your own. Many of the items are available in the University of Warwick Library and therefore accessible by the public.


There are many multimedia resources that feature or include material about or releant to Coventry. Our current list can be seen here.

City of the Future? Evaluations of Sustainable Development in Coventry

Group reports authored by student research teams will be added here when available. Expected publication: Jan 2019.

Sustainable Development in Coventry: Policy and Project Suggestions

Individual student proposals will be added here when available. Expected publication: Jan 2019.

New set of

'Coventry Collections'

launched by the Modern Records Centre

Stimulated by GD203, the Modern Records Centre (MRC) has compiled a collection of sources relevant to the City of Coventry. The collections cover a wide range of subjects, and are available to both students and the public. The project will further feed into the City of Culture activites.