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Global Research Priorities


Our Global Sustainable Development programme builds on world-leading research excellence in every one of our departments.

In 2012, the University recognized the strength of interdisciplinary expertise on critical global issues by creating the Global Research Priorities (GRPs) which bring together our researchers to work on common problems through an interdisciplinary approach.

Our GRPs are central to the articulation of new problems, and they provide critical fora for engaging with expertise from other universities and external experts on pertinent problems.

Our students will thus be able to engage in rich debates beyond their courses, with the opportunity to interact with researchers, attend lectures, and engage with other events in the GRPs.

How could technology improve healthcare? Could genetic modification solve food shortages around the world? What would be the impact on the environment if we all drove electronic cars?

Our Global Research Priorities programmes addresses some of the most challenging problems facing the world today, providing a platform for multidisciplinary research in 10 key areas of international significance, from food to sustainable cities, energy to international development.

Our programme supports cross-departmental collaboration, enabling our researchers to work together across departmental and disciplinary boundaries on issues of global importance.

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