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Congratulations to Julie Saumagne on securing URSS funding for conducting an independent research project this summer

Julie will be using the URSS funding to combine interests developed through two Second Year Global Sustainable Development (GSD) modules Security, Sovereignty and Sustainability in the Global Food System and Keeping the Phoenix Flying or Clipping its Wings?: Learning through Student Research into the Praxis of ‘local’ Sustainable Development

Specifically, the inter-disciplinary research will investigate the history of hunger in Coventry since the Industrial Revolution. It will critically analyse strategies used to combat hunger in relation to broader economic, social and political contexts. Analysis will be based on archival research and primary data generated through interviews.

It is hoped that this work will illustrate how students can feed into the University’s emerging agenda of local and regional engagement, currently being championed in the department’s research-based teaching of local sustainable development in the City of Coventry.

Fri 04 May 2018, 14:08 | Tags: GSD

Congratulations to Anna Matrai on securing Energy GRP URSS funding for conducting an independent research project this summer.

Anna's project will focus on the large-scale investment in renewable energy in Masdar City, which the UAE government hope will become a platform for sustainable energy research. It will explore the extent to which there is a conflict of interest in oil-rich countries between wealth accumulation from oil dominance and the investment in clean energy solutions for future energy security. Anna will visit the UAE this summer to interview representatives from the country's academic, industrial and governmental sectors.

Wed 11 April 2018, 12:18

Congratulations to our GSD Photo Competition Winner, Katharine McEnery

Many congratulations to the winner of our Global Sustainable Development Photo Competition, Katharine McEnery.

Students were invited to submit creative images reflecting on the themes "What does Global Sustainable Development look like?" and "You know you're studying Global Sustainable Development when...".

The judges thought that Katharine's photo was an excellent and imaginative representation of the chosen theme.

Thu 15 March 2018, 15:27 | Tags: GSD

'A Sustainable Serenissima' by Bryan Brazeau featured in GLOBUS

The School for Cross-Faculty Studies' student-run magazine GLOBUS features an article by Dr Bryan Brazeau, titled 'A Sustainable Serenissima'.

"Degree programmes at Warwick, particularly in the School for Cross-Faculty Studies, are continually innovating, expanding, and evolving. A Sustainable Serenissima is an introduction to a new and upcoming module, centred on the study of Venice, offered by the School, written by the Module Convenor, Dr. Bryan Brazeau. As a cultural capital situated on an island, Venice is a hub for themes explored by Liberal Arts and Global Sustainable Development." (T Olive, Editor)

Mon 19 February 2018, 12:45 | Tags: GSD

Global Sustainable Development Year 12 Essay Competition

We are pleased to open our annual Essay Competition for Year 12 students with an interest in Global Sustainable Development. Entrants this year have the choice of the following essay titles, as suggested by our current students:

  1. As the negotiations around Brexit are ongoing, what issues of Sustainable Development should our leaders be concerned with?

  2. “The expression ‘Think Global Act Local’ offers the best guidance to achieving Global Sustainable Development”. Discuss.

  3. To what extent is Global Sustainable Development primarily about how we manage environmental resources?

The competition deadline is 30th March 2018, and entrants can submit their essay online now.

We look forward to reading the entries, and wish the students the best of luck.

Fri 09 February 2018, 09:52 | Tags: GSD

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