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Dr Rebecca Stone

Contact Details
Email: R dot Stone dot 1 at Warwick dot ac dot uk
Tel: +44 24765 74098
Room: H3.04 Humanities Building

Dr Rebecca Stone

Senior Teaching Fellow, Director of Student Experience

Teaching Experience
  • Co-Convenor: GSD Mini Project (GD107)
  • Convenor: Reform, Revolt and Reaction (AM211)
  • Convenor: North American Themes (AM102)
  • Convenor: Certificate of Digital Literacy
  • Convenor: Principles and Praxis
  • Contributor: Bodies, Health and Sustainable Development (GD204)

I am an American historian by trade, and my research focuses on the interactions between Education and Governance. Currently, I am exploring the impact which the Cold War climate had upon the US Federal government’s interest in and influence over the formation of education policy and direction, with special attention paid to higher education and minority experiences. This work exposes the personal efforts of President Harry Truman in redirecting the education system towards a more nationally useful curriculum, but also to a more open and equitable system.
I am also exploring the relevance of the establishment of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) to the Federal government’s interaction with the US education system, and analysing the changes wrought for US female college students as a result of this Cold War political and socio-economic shift. This research contributes to a larger body of work which explores direct interactions between foreign and domestic policy during the Cold War years in the USA.

Online Content

Appearance on Midlands Today discussing women Presidents and the shocking result of the US Election BBC One, 9th November 2016.


I completed my PhD, focused on access and equality in American Education at the University of Birmingham in 2015. I have previously worked as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham, and prior to joining the Department of Global Sustainable Development, I worked as a Teaching Fellow for two years in the Departments of History and Comparative American Studies here at the University of Warwick. I am committed to pedagogy and have extensive experience of running academic skills sessions, and of working with students in a pastoral capacity.