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Dr Alastair Smith

Dr Alastair Smith


Speaking to me:

Please call me Alastair; pronounced "æləsteə"

List to me pronouncing it.

My chosen pronouns are: he/his

Tel.: +44(0)24765 28869
Room: R3.30 Ramphal Building

Arranging a conversation:

My strong preference is meet students by mutually convenient appointment. To make one, please request a Teams chat through Outlook Web (here's my video of how) - this is good learning for life/work.

If you have tried the above, and it has not worked for any reason, other options are:

1) Attend my Virtual Office Hours:

Please drop into my Virtual Office Hours, here, at the following times: Term 1 & 2, Tuesday 10:00 to 11:00 & Friday 10:00 to 11:00. No appointment necessary, you will just need to register on arrival virtual arrival.

2) Email me.

Senior Teaching Fellow


One of the main characteristics of my academic career has been my highly inter- and multi-disciplinary approach to the issues of Global Sustainable Development. Following an undergraduate education in History and Politics (B.A. Hons, Joint Equal, York University) I worked in Central and South America on micro-business/income generation projects for rural communities. On my return to the UK I completed an interdisciplinary MPhil research master’s degree at the University of Oxford, learning the additional disciplinary approaches offered by Anthropology and Economics. I then furthered my interests through PhD research at Cardiff University, where I critically investigated the public purchases of ‘fair trade’ rice from Malawi, for use in Scottish schools, as a tool of UK international sustainable development policy.

Following my academic apprenticeship I worked at Cardiff University, being involved in a wide range of externally and institutionally funded projects, covering issues of market creation for fair trade products in Europe and the developing world (Brazil, Kenya and South Africa), microfinance access and governance (Africa and India), and food security in the ecologically fragile context of Caribbean islands. I have also regularly undertaken consultancy work for national and international NGOS and the UK Government Department for International Development (DFID), for example building resources for development practitioners promoting sustainable urban livelihoods.

A second defining aspect of my work has been significant investment in my role as a university teacher. Despite initially working as a Research Assistant (ESRC center for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society) and then Research Fellow (School of Planning and Geography) I became increasing involvement in teaching and completed a Postgraduate Certification in University Teaching and Learning (PCUTL), leading to Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). In order to develop my experience I spent time outside the UK, working as Resident Lecturer at an independent research and teaching center (administered by the US based not-for-profit the School for Field Studies) in the ecologically and socially fragile area of Bocas del Toro, Panama. Here I developed my understanding of place-based and holistic research-led teaching and learning.

In addition to my role as a Senior Teaching Fellow with the GSD program at Warwick, I am a Research Associate of the Global Drugs Policy Observatory (Swansea University, Wales, UK) and a Member of the Board of Directors at Fair Trade Wales (Wales, UK).




Since joining the University of Warwick in December 2016, I have been nominated for a University Teaching Excellence Award and recognised on behalf of the Vice Chancellor for levels of contribution and performance. I became a member of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA). I am passionate about experimenting with, and sharing pedagogical innovation. Some examples include:

  • "Localising Teaching for Global Sustainable Development: Student Research-Based, Policy and Practice Proposals for Coventry". Exploring the Civic Curriculum, Friday 9 June 2017, the Great Hall, University of Leeds. [Slides].
  • "Mainstreaming ‘Employability’ Skills Through Communities of Praxis: Policy Pitching for Global Sustainable Development". Learning and Teaching Showcase 2017: Learning communities, Monday 3 July, Oculus, University of Warwick. Presented with Debbie Smith, Nathalie Dalton-King and Ninna Makrinov. [Slides].



  • International trade and trade justice, governance for sustainable development and its political economy;
  • local and international food regimes, food security and food sovereignty;
  • livelihood decision making and its theorization, the informal economy, diversification and structural change;
  • Latin American drug markets and the interaction between drug policy and development practices; and
  • place-based, local sustainable development.


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    • Winner of ‘Sanjaya Lall Award’ for Outstanding Contribution to the field of development research 2008-2010.
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Book reviews

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