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Ninna Makrinov


Contact details

Call me Ninna, if you are an English speaker I think it is pronounced as Nina. My native language is Spanish. English phonetical: ne-nah mah-kre-nof. Hear my name.


Tel.: TBC
Room: R3.29 (Ramphal Building)

Arranging a conversation:

1) Diary appointment

My preference is to meet students by mutually convenient appointment. Please request a MS Teams chat or on campus meeting through Outlook.

Watch a video by Dr Alastair Smith explaining how.

2) Attend my Office Hours:

Tuesdays 11 am - 12 noon and Fridays 2.30 - 3.30 pm. No appointment necessary, just message me on MS Teams or drop in my office.

Teaching Fellow


I joined GSD in January 2022, after five years at Warwick. I have had an international portfolio career, working mostly in Higher Education in the UK, Chile and Mexico. I am an organisational psychologist and I hold a MSc in Occupational Health Psychology and a Masters in Enterprise Administration.

I am interested in research and praxis to enhance the quality of work and education. We spend a great part of our lives working and studying, development must ensure the people who are part of it thrive. I have conducted research on the effects of working conditions on mental health and was part of a European project looking and psychosocial risk factors at worked which informed current regulations. My current focus is on technology-enhanced learning and what we have learned during the pandemic.



  • Makrinov, N. (2022). Organisational interventions to address the gender pay gap. In Diverse Educators: The Manifesto. University of Buckingham Press. (In press)
  • Leka, S., Hassard, J., Jain, A., Makrinov, N., et al. (2008). Towards the development of a European framework for psychosocial risk management at the workplace. Nottingham: Institute of Work, Health and Organisations. ISBN 9780955436536
  • Makrinov, N., Scharager, J. & Diaz, R. (2006). Psychology in Chile. The Psychologist, 19 (10), 596-598.
  • Makrinov, N., Scharager, J. & Molina, L. (2005). Situación Actual de una Muestra de Psicólogos Egresados de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile [Occupational Situation of a Sample of Psychologists Graduated From Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile]. Psykhe, 14 (1), 69-77.

    Recent Conference Presentations
  • Creating an evidence-base for technology-enhanced learning in post-pandemic engineering education. Paper presented at the What Happens post-COVID? How engineering education has evolved for a digital future event, hosted by the EERN UK and Ireland Newer Researcher Network, September 2021.
  • How to make your governing board inclusive – tips for recruitment. Panel discussion. #DiverseGovernance events, organized by DiverseEducators, with National Governors Association, Inspiring Governance, Governors for Schools and the New Schools Network.
  • Warwick Core Skills Edit-a-thon. Interactive workshop presented at the Technology Enhanced Festival, University of Warwick, May 2021.
  • 2-hour long webinars, have I gone mad? Webinar presented at the Technology Enhanced Festival, University of Warwick, May 2020.
  • Trusting students to differentiate. Paper presented at the Joint ALDinHE / sigma Network Symposium Current issues in differentiating Learning Development, July 2019.
  • A semi-synchronous approach to Critical Thinking. Paper presented at Digifest 2019.
  • Maths mentors smash the maths wall. Poster presented at the Warwick Education Conference, June 2019.
  • Integrating (employability) skills in the curriculum. Workshop delivered at the Warwick Teaching and Learning Conference, June 2017. Co-authors: Nathalie Dalton-King, Alastair Smith and Deborah Smith.