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Pass List - 2nd years 2018

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If your status below reads “Proceed”, then you have satisfied the examiners and are allowed to proceed to the Second Year of your degree. If your status reads otherwise, please contact your Personal Tutor.

Your marks will be released shortly and will be available for you to view by the end of Tuesday 10 July. You can access your marks on eVision, on your Student Records page under Module Results. You can view the marks for each assessment by clicking on the ‘Details’ button for each module.

Alternatively, your overall marks for each module will become available on your Tabula page in the Modules tab.

The GSD department can only process marks for GSD modules. If your other marks do not appear as quickly, please be patient as other departments finalise their marks. The University expects all second year marks to have been processed and published Friday 13 July.

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