Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Email from Directors of Student Experience | Saturday 25 April 2020

Subject: GSD Updates

Hi everyone,

I hope you and your families are well and adjusting to the unique circumstances we find ourselves in.

A couple of things to update you.

1. Moodle

Please keep checking the Principles and Praxis Moodle section for general GSD updates on jobs, placements, events, etc. Any urgent GSD updates will be emailed to you, otherwise keep checking Moodle and reading the University Newsletters.

2. GD105 Environmental Principles

There is some confusion over this as it is still appearing as an exam in the Alternative Exams Portal (AEP). But I want to reassure you that the exam has been cancelled and it is not being replaced by an alternative form of assessment. The AEP is wrong and we are working with the University to correct it. Here is the link to all the GSD assessment changes

3. Warwick Certificate in Online Learning (WCOL)

This is a new university level certificate to help you make the transition to learning online. Although it is not compulsory you are strongly encouraged to complete it. You can enrol for it here

4. Principles and Praxis Portfolio

This is a new GSD section of Moodle providing extra support.

It builds on much of the skills and professional development work we began in terms 1 and 2. It will help you to understand the ways in which you are developing throughout your degree programme. As we have continually discussed, as you approach the end of your first year, you will find that you have progressed immensely since the autumn, and have begun to consolidate a number of important attributes that will be of benefit to you throughout your life. As you gain academic, professional and personal skills, it is important that you both recognise the ways in which you are growing, and keep a record of it. I guarantee that you won’t remember everything that you did this year by the time you graduate! This portfolio programme has been designed to support your learning in three main ways.

· To help you to continue to feel connected to GSD and the wider university whilst you are working remotely.

· To help you to think about and understand the skills and attributes that you have developed so far this year.

· To support you in continuing this development remotely over the next term, if you should so wish.

This resource belongs to you, and it is up to you how you use it. It is not a requirement of your degree that you complete this portfolio activity. But it will help you develop your academic and professional skills. You can find it here

Personal Tutors

Don’t forget your Personal Tutors are still available to support you throughout the term as am I. If you want to discuss anything with me or just say ‘hello’ please email me and we can schedule a video-chat.

I have been doing quite a bit of work on the politics of the Coronavirus generally, South Africa and Africa particularly and if anybody is interested in seeing some of the news articles, video links and other materials I have, then let me know.

Best wishes and take care,

Dr Peter Dwyer

Teaching Fellow and Director of Student Experience