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Email from Directors of Student Experience | Thursday 2 April 2020

Subject: Important updates regarding mitigating circumstances and extension requests

Hi all,

Following on from our previous email (below), please find below some additional information about mitigating circumstances and extension requests.

  • If your deadline has passed and you were unable to submit your assignment, please use the Personal Circumstances portal on Tabula to submit your mitigating circumstances (please see our previous email below, there is a link to the University FAQ on mitigating circumstances, that complements the guidance on the GSD Handbook)
  • You should use Tabula to submit extension requests any time before the deadline.
  • You can now self-certify extensions for up to five working days for eligible assessments. This means if you request a 5-day extension, you’ll get it automatically without the need for further evidence. You can self-certify twice from now until the end of the academic year. You should submit the self-certification request via Tabula as a normal extension request, please specify “self-certification” on the “Reason for request” box.

What assignments can I self-certify for?

· You can self-certify for ANY assessment that has an individual submission (for example, an essay, an individual presentation). This includes the dissertation.

· For group submissions, the self-certification will apply to all group members automatically as long as at least one group member requests an extension. The relevant Director of Student Experience will contact all students in a group to inform them of their new deadline. Please note: we are aware that you are waiting for confirmation about changes to assessments that might impact group submissions. For now, please be aware that this is how GSD will treat group submissions, but other departments may have different policies.

What assignments are NOT eligible?

· We cannot accept self-certifications for assessments tied to specific time slots (for example, an online exam that requires participation at a specific time). If you are not able to sit an assessment like this, please use the Personal Circumstances portal to indicate your mitigating circumstances (and/or speak with the relevant Director of Student Experience).

If anything is unclear please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Peter and Gioia