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At a meeting on 27-10-16 (notes (PDF Document)), a group of students on Global Sustainable Development decided to move towards founding a Departmental society. On 10-11-16, the below were elected by a ballot of the Global Sustainable Development student cohort in which 52% of students voted. David, who has been editing this page, will hand it over to the society following your first exec meeting.

President - Rhys Hillan

Secretary/Vice President - Esther Walot

Treasurer - Alex Ling

Equal Opps and Safety - Daniella Tobit

Academic Enrichment - Christian K├Ânig

Sustainable Careers - Nicola Blasetti

Social Exec - Rakbo Perera

Local Outreach - Meredith Whiting

Campus Outreach - Luke Stanley

Academic Outreach - Grace Emily Kelsey

Communications/Marketing - Ming Yang

Culture & Arts - Julie Somany