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Dissertation / Long Project

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Module Leader

Professor Cathia Jenainati
Core - Final year only
Terms 1, 2 and 3
8 lectures
8 supervision sessions
23 weeks duration

Not available to students outside GSD

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Please note: The information on this page relates to the 2018-19 academic year.

Principal Aims

The module requires you to demonstrate your acquisition of a range of intellectual and practical skills for engaging with a topical issue related to any area of Global Sustainable Development. You are expected to bring together theoretical concepts and practical approaches to address a specific problem, and to demonstrate your ability to think across disciplines and produce an original intervention (a concept paper, a practical project, a film production, a long essay, an advocacy campaign etc…) in the field of sustainable development. Furthermore, the module encourages each student to design a strategy for disseminating their findings (present at a conference, publish online, publish in a journal, hold a public meeting) in the public space. Group submissions may be allowed if the supervisors deem it appropriate.

Principal Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module you will have:

  • Learned to design a feasible research project;
  • Planned, implemented and managed a research project;
  • Produced a piece of original research that is based on a topical issue related to Global Sustainable Development;
  • Designed a public dissemination event to showcase your findings;
  • Presented the findings of your research project in a public forum.

Syllabus : This module commences at the end of year 2

Year 2 Term 3
  • Lecture : The Dissertation Proposal (online access here)
  • Lecture: Generating original ideas and deciding on a project; Selecting a Supervisor, Project Management
  • Supervision 1 (group)

Students on study abroad (including the Monash Exchange) will have access to the content of the 2 lectures.

Year 3 Term 1 (weekly schedule)
  1. Supervision 2 (group)
  2. Lecture : Deciding on the format of your project
  3. Independent work
  4. Lecture : Writing the proposal
  5. Supervision 3 (group)
  6. Independent work and Submission of the proposal
  7. Independent work
  8. Supervision 4 (individual) : feedback on proposal and action points for consideration
  9. Lecture : Using Evidence and constructing an argument
  10. Independent work
Year 3 Term 2
  1. Supervision 5 (format to be agreed with the supervisor)
  2. Lecture : Components of the dissertation
  3. Independent work
  4. Lecture: Referencing and Citations
  5. Independent work
  6. Supervision 6
  7. Independent work
  8. Supervision 7
  9. Lecture: Editing, Revising, Presenting your findings
  10. Supervision 8
Year 3 Term 3
  1. Dissemination
  2. Optional Supervision
  3. Submission