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GSD Student Experience Feedback

Thanks for taking a few minutes to provide the Department with some feedback on your personal experience of studying GSD at Warwick. Your fellow students in years above and below have all been invited to contribute. More than ever, as the GSD Department expands, we need to get your views across to prospective students searching the GSD website. So, what can you tell us?

We know feedback is time consuming and therefore as an incentive, the ten most thoughtful responses will receive at £10 Amazon Voucher, (You will be notified with instructions on how to redeem this if you are one of these individuals).

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The information you provide on this form will be used only on the Global Sustainable Development website, unless you are informed by email otherwise. When using your feedback, we agree to strictly uphold your views, and will not alter any of the information you supply us with. If you wish to provide feedback but remain anonymous, please do not supply us with your name or photograph whilst filling in the form. The data from this form will be kept internally by the GSD Department.
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