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Degree Overview


Our Global Sustainable Development degrees use the United Nations' three 'pillars of sustainability', as identified by the 2005 UN World Summit, as the basis for the exploration of local, national and global issues which raise questions around sustainable development. On these courses, you will learn about the environmental, social and economic aspects of a problem from experts working in those fields. You will learn the methods and techniques employed by those experts, learn how to evaluate the evidence, draw conclusions from it and make critical judgements about the different solutions offered by the different approaches. You will appreciate the implications, limitations and interconnectivity of the various solutions and work with others to formulate your own ideas and conclusions.

You will investigate challenges that affect the local community and conduct research in order to understand the concerns of those communities. As your understanding of sustainable development grows, you explore problems at a national level and engage in practical activities that allow you to develop your own solutions to the most urgent national and global problems facing the world today.

Single Honours Course

The University has approved recently a brand new BASc single honours course in Global Sustainable Development to be launched in October 2018.

Building upon the success of the existing joint degree courses and taking account of feedback received from current and prospective students, this new course allows you to study in-depth the issues around Global Sustainable Development that concern you most.

Joint Degree Options

Our joint degrees allow you to combine study of Global Sustainable Development with a disciplinary specialism, acquiring knowledge and expertise in that subject which you will use to enrich your understanding of global sustainable development debates.

Consequently, and as with a typical joint degree, there is a 50/50 split of modules between Global Sustainable Development and a subject of your choice from the list below. Each joint degree has been carefully conceived by academics from Global Sustainable Development and the specialist discipline.

Options for the Second Year

In your second year, you have the option of studying abroad or getting work experience in the UK. You can:

  • EITHER, Travel to our partner institution, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and spend the second and third terms studying sustainability at its Sustainability Institute alongside courses in your chosen academic discipline. If you choose this option, you will continue to receive your student and maintenance loans but you will need to pay for your own travel and accommodation;
  • OR, Stay at Warwick and undertake a work placement that is related to your degree and complete the related Certificate of Professional Communication