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Entry Requirements

Typical entry requirements for our courses can be found in the table below. All courses require a minimum of Grade B at GCSE or Standard Level 6 or Higher Level 5 at IB in both Maths and English.

Applicants who meet, or are predicted to meet, the minimum entry requirements will be asked to submit a second personal statement to Warwick which addresses their reasons for applying for the course. Details of how and when to submit the second statement will be provided in the emailed request. The second statement will be considered by our Admissions Officer alongside the original one and a decision regarding the application will be made and communicated via the UCAS system.

Course Typical offer
A Level: A*AA
IB: 38 points
Subject requirements: A Level in Maths / Maths at HL6
A Level: AAA
IB: 38 points
Subject requirements: History degree requires an A at A Level in History / History at HL6
A Level: AAB
IB: 36 points
Subject requirements: Life Sciences degree requires A level in Biology / Biology at HL6