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Working with the people of Rio Branco and Sao Paulo to understand Flood Resilience in their local areas


Waterproofing Data investigates the governance of water-related risks, with a focus on social and cultural aspects of data practices. Data flows up from local levels to scientific "centres of expertise", and then flood-related alerts and interventions flow back down through local governments and into communities. Rethinking how flood-related data is produced, and how it flows, can help build sustainable, flood resilient communities.

The group visited Rio Branco between the undertaking several activities such as:

    • visit to a local school and interacting with the students on easy ways to monitor precipitation levels and anticipate floods.
    • Teaching to students how to use online software to map the areas around their houses and schools
    • Interactions with local community members to capture their experiences of past flooding events
    • Collaborative exercise with community members to understand and capture spatially (in maps) their perception of flood risk
    • Field visit to flood-prone areas and discussions with local residents.
  • Similar activities took place during the visit to M’Boi Mirim, a deprived neighbourhood of Sao Paulo.
  • The activities were supported by many local authorities and stakeholders such as THE Environmental Secretariat of the State of Acre (SEMA), the Innovation and Technology Office of Sao Paulo Prefecture, the Brazilian Geological Survey (CPRM).
  • The next visit to both sites will take place in October 2019.

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Thu 11 Jul 2019, 17:19