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Chilean refugees and the World University Service


The project

Professor Alison Ribiero de Menezes and Professor John King in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures are exploring the role of UK groups and activists in assisting refugees and exiles after the fall of Allende in 1973. The project will run until summer 2018 in collaboration in the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Santiago, Chile, and the Modern Records Centre at Warwick.

The research project has been awarded £42,366 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) which has enabled our academics to focus their research on some of the global challenges our world faces today.

Research activity

Using first hand interviews, unique archival records and a series of cultural events the project will open new perspectives on recent Chilean history, enriching the worlds understanding of global history and culture.

Through a series of interviews, the project team is compiling a record of Chilean exile experiences that will offer insights into the benefits of the World University Service (WUS) programme in supporting exiles to continue with their studies, rebuild their lives, settle in the UK or elsewhere, or return to Chile.

The team will investigate Warwick’s Modern Records Centre archives to shine a light on the local and national UK efforts to support the exiles and to raise public consciousness of the situation in Chile during the period.

Supported by a series of cultural events in Chile and the UK, the project team are exploring the work of the WUS and the challenges faced by their staff in addition to the 900 scholars the programme helped to escape persecution.

This pioneering research contributes to the important legacy of the WUS programme for co-ordinated refugee policy in the UK.

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