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Improving healthcare in slums

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The project

Professor Richard Lilford and his research team from Warwick Medial School are finding the best ways to deliver healthcare to people living in slums in Asia and Africa and then determining the best ways to persuade and work with politicians and other officials to make these changes. The research project has been awarded £5,686,767 by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) which has enabled our academics to focus their research on some of the global challenges our world faces today.

Research activity

The project team will map current health services and facilities and understand how these are used in eight slums across Asia and Africa. They will identify the costs associated with how the health services run in each slum, including costs to the patients and their households. Looking to the long-term they will develop models of the health services and use these to look at ways of improving health service delivery. The expert team will plan their study so that even after the funding ceases future work will be possible.

The areas so far confirmed as part of the project are Nairobi, Kenya; Ibadan, Nigeria; Karachi, Pakistan and Dhaka, Bangladesh. The University’s project will run until 31st March 2021. The money has been awarded to Warwick Medical School and the University’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies.

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