Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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House rules


From the University

Please keep up to date with the University student newsletter, which is sent weekly to all students, highlighting COVID-19 updates, university news, events, opportunities, and services.

An archive of these emails can be found here.

With the Liberal Arts Office

To help keep us all safe you are strongly encouraged to email or telephone the Liberal Arts Office. Inquiries will be dealt with in this way by default (including timetable clashes or questions about Moodle/Tabula).

Liberal Arts Office contact: Mike Hart, +44 (0) 2476 575 975

The Liberal Arts Office will remain closed to the public. Mike will hold a reception session on the Virtual Common Room Teams space twice a week during term time:

  • Tuesday 2-4 pm (UK time)
  • Thursday 10 am - 12 pm (UK time)

The Ramphal Building

The School’s common room and kitchen will be closed until further notice. The School's Meeting Room will not be available for bookings.

Please do not come into the Ramphal Building unless you have teaching there.

Seminar teaching

Online seminars

Getting the most from your online seminars

We are continuously reflecting on how teaching and learning is going, and even more so now we have shifted to blended learning. Having listened to your feedback and through discussions with colleagues, we would like to remind and encourage you, if possible, to turn your cameras on during online seminars (and other online events). We think this would help create a more engaging learning and teaching environment for you and us. Of course, this is not compulsory and we will continue to respect anyone who does not want to do so.

Receiving video: Reducing data usage

Following conversations with your SSLC reps, we shared the concern about data usage when receiving video with the IT Team and they have provided this useful response:

With regards to the concerns of students who would like to participate but are concerned about receiving video, if they are using a mobile data connection - individuals have the option to "turn off incoming video" and this option can be toggled on or off by each meeting participant.

To do this during a meeting, click on the ‘more options’ menu in the top right corner, represented by three dots (...) and then click ‘turn off incoming video’.

This will only affect their incoming video and not that of other meeting participants. This means they can reduce their bandwidth usage whilst still participating in audio and text chat, but others will be able to use video if they want to.

Instructions from Microsoft.

On-campus seminars

Please note, the guidance below on face coverings and in-person teaching is not currently applicable.
Face coverings

As per university policy, students are required to wear a mask at all times when attending on-campus seminars.

If you forget a mask, you will not be allowed to enter a seminar. There will be places on campus where you can purchase re-usable masks if needed.

If you are exempt from wearing a mask, please be aware that the University has put a system of sunflower lanyards in place. If you would prefer not to wear a lanyard, please email the department’s senior tutor to inform us about your exemption: Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper, By doing so, we can inform your respective module convenors/tutors about it.

In the classroom

When waiting to enter a teaching room, please follow posted instructions and maintain social distancing.

Tutors are required to organise student movement within classrooms. If you need to leave a classroom for any reason, please ask your tutor.

If you are not able to attend a classroom session, please make sure you tell your tutor with as much notice as possible. Organising classroom activities with social distancing/online requires a lot of work, so please help us to keep things running smoothly by letting us know about any absences.


COVID-19 Symptoms

If you have any symptoms associated with COVID-19, please do not come to classrooms. You should isolate immediately and arrange a COVID-19 test, following the University Test and Trace arrangements. See also the University FAQ on ‘What should I do if I think I have got coronavirus?

If you are unable to attend a session of your seminar, for safety reasons, we won’t be able to accommodate you in another in-person seminar group. You may however get in touch with your module tutor and ask them to add you exceptionally to an online seminar for that specific week.


This year we will have very limited capacity to change your seminar groups in the event of a timetable clash. We might only be able to change your group if there are clashes with other core or optional core modules. If you have a clash, please get in touch with the Liberal Arts Office as soon as possible.


If you are required to self-isolate or are awaiting test results please contact your personal tutor. If your period of self-isolation is extended, you should update your personal tutor about this too. Notifying your personal tutor ensures that you can access online learning during the self-isolation period and log any related mitigating circumstances.

Please follow advice from your personal tutor regarding your studies. They can also connect you to other sources of support at the University.

Keeping each other safe

We are committed to helping protect our students and staff on and off campus and the communities we interact with too. To make this happen we all need to play our part in keeping each other safe.

Respecting the rules

It’s crucial that you stay informed and follow UK Government guidance at all times. We will be doing all that we can to ensure that you can still make the most of this time whilst following Government guidance.

Along with Government guidance, the University has put in place guidance to help keep all of us safe. This includes staying safe on campus and off campus. It also covers our responsibility as a community to support University and local public health measures. We strongly encourage you to carefully read and follow this advice.

It's down to each of us to respect the rules and guidance. Together, we can help keep each other safe and support each other through this challenging time.

Please see here for information on Warwick's COVID-19 escalation and disciplinary framework for students.

Looking out for each other

If you need help or have questions/concerns, please ask: we’re all here to support each other.