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Application Procedure

We know that applying for university can be a complicated process. Here we will provide some general guidance about the application procedure as it applies to the BA (Hons) Liberal Arts at the University of Warwick.

Step One: Filling Out the UCAS Form

If you would like to apply for the BA (Hons) Liberal Arts at the University of Warwick, you should list it as one of your UCAS choices when you fill out your application, even if your other course choices are not all Liberal Arts programmes. Alongside your other choices, put our course information and UCAS code (LA99) on the form. When you write your UCAS Personal Statement, write it with all your choices in mind, even if the BA (Hons) Liberal Arts at Warwick is your top choice. We will ask you for a second personal statement once we receive your application: more on this below.

Step Two: Processing the Application

Once you have submitted your application to UCAS, they will pass it to the University's centralized Admissions team. They will check that you meet the University's basic requirements and ensure the information you provided is correct. Once they have performed these checks, they will pass your application to our Programme Administrator, who will check that you meet the Liberal Arts minimum requirements. If you do, the Programme Administrator will email you to request a second personal statement. We will also get in touch with any questions about your application. It is very important to check that our emails are not sent to your Spam/Junk folder, as this may jeopardize your application.

Step Three: Writing Your Second Personal Statement

Our email will provide you with details about the second personal statement and how to submit it to us. You will be given two weeks to write and submit the statement, with exceptions granted only in very limited circumstances (note: this will not include if our emails are missed in your Spam/Junk folder). This is your opportunity to address the unique qualities of Warwick's approach to liberal arts--and your own! We will read your first personal statement as well, but only to see how you construct your ideas, not content; you may feel that you wish to repeat some or all of your points in the second personal statement, and that is absolutely fine.

Step Four: Assessing Your Application

Once we have received your second personal statement, your application will be passed to the Admissions Tutor, who will evaluate your application and determine whether or not we are able to offer you a place to study with us. Please note: meeting or exceeding our entry requirements does not guarantee you an offer. High marks are important to us, but this is a competitive degree programme and all applicants will have very high marks. Our primary criterion is whether or not your application demonstrates that you are a transdisciplinary thinker and learner, and the email request for the second personal statement will provide prompts for you to demonstrate these qualities. For the sake of fairness, we are not able to provide specific guidance on the second personal statement beyond what is included in the email.

Step Five: Receiving Your Offer

Once you have received an offer, you will start receiving emails from the Liberal Arts team to congratulate you, invite you to attend our Offer Holder Open Days, and to provide you with more information and news about the Liberal Arts programme. You are always welcome (indeed, encouraged!) to get in touch with any questions about the programme or the University more widely, and we will do our very best to get back to you as quickly as we can. Please contact us at liberalarts at warwick dot ac dot uk, or on Twitter (@WarwickLibArts) and Facebook (Warwick Liberal Arts).