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Degree Overview


This course is ideal if you enjoy thinking about the 'Big Questions' that are facing contemporary society and the world at large, and you prefer to approach problems from the perspective of more than one discipline.

Your first year is foundational. You will be taught the principles of Liberal Education as well as Research Methods across the disciplines. You will also study two core modules on Art & Revolution and Science, Society & the Media, as well as choosing up to three free options, and completing the Certificate of Digital Literacy.

By the end of the first year you can choose your 'pathway': a more focused area of interest in which you'll spend increasing time (and develop increasing expertise) over the next few years. You can either select a more structured Disciplinary Interest in a traditional subject, linked with many of our partner departments, or you can declare a Specialist Interest built of your own hand-picked modules from across the University; this pathway is determined entirely by your interests and goals. You will be guided and supported by the Director of Student Experience in making this decision.

In the second year you take 50% of Liberal Arts Core modules and 50% of Options from your chosen field of interest. The core modules examine the broad questions of Consumption and Sustainability respectively. The options can be chosen from a specific discipline or around a particular specialist interest. During this year you can take part in a national conference of undergraduate research. You also have the option of completing a Certificate of Coaching Practice.

In the summer you will be involved in an Internship scheme or work placement and complete an associated Certificate of Professional Communication. By the end of the second year you can choose to travel abroad to spend an intercalated year at one of our partner institutions (in Europe, Australia, the USA).

Your final year is made up of 75% of modules chosen from either your Disciplinary Interest or your Specialist Interest, and 25% of core Liberal Arts modules, which is the final year Project or Dissertation.

The links below allow you to access details about each Disciplinary Interest and each Specialist Interest :

Disciplinary Interests

Specialist Interest

Open Pathway

  • Unique to you, defined by your interests and goals, developed with experts.

Please note that the Social Justice and Food Security are ‘open pathways’ in that they are defined by you; students are free to select relevant modules from around the University – with guidance from their Personal Tutor and the Liberal Arts Director of Undergraduate Studies – to suit the aspect of Social Justice or Food Security that they are exploring.