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Transcript: Liberal Arts Pathways

Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper: “Our use of pathways is really special. Rather than requiring our students to do a little bit of everything and then specialising in a particular area, we use pathways to identify a specific strategic focus for students right from the beginning of their programme.”

Dr Kirsten Harris: “Which means that as well as having the opportunity to get a breadth of knowledge from taking different modules around the University, students develop real expertise in one particular area. This could be to do with a particular discipline, so students might be interested in taking most of their modules in say Economics, or English Literature, or another subject-specific discipline. But I’d say around two-thirds of our students opt to take a Specialist Interest pathway where they explore a topic and then they can pick all kinds of modules from across the University relating to that topic. Some examples might be Sustainability or Social Justice.