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Student Life

The University of Warwick provides a lively and varied campus environment. You'll have plenty of opportunities to engage with culture, explore your interests, and meet a diverse group of like-minded friends.

"Since I started in Liberal Arts I have found Warwick to have a unique, diverse, and friendly culture that manages to balance rigorous academic study with a real appreciation for the arts, sports, and the hundreds of other activities available to you through student-run societies."

Celine, Liberal Arts student

"Not only did the course help me immensely in terms of my next steps, but also the department fundamentally care about you as a person. They want to get to know you and your interests and support you in any way that they can. I think I have developed so much as a person as well as an academic by having that community and still feeling supported by that community a year on, knowing that that community still exists and is there as I start my postgraduate studies."

Lily Rose, Liberal Arts graduate

Hear from our current student blogger


"Hi! I’m Krishna, I am currently a third year student, studying Liberal Arts student with a Specialist Interest pathway in Health and Disease. I transferred into a Liberal Arts degree in 2019. It was in fact, one of the best decisions I made!"

Hear from our previous student vlogger


"Studying Liberal Arts at Warwick has been the best decision I've ever made! The Department is so supportive and I am constantly pushing myself to learn new things. I post about my degree as well as my extra curricular activities which consist of radio, drama, film and more. I hope you enjoy my posts."

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