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Personal Statement Submission

This form allows for the submission of Second Personal Statements in respect of the Liberal Arts degree course. You may use this form only if you have applied for the Liberal Arts course through UCAS and have received an email from the University asking you to send in a Second Personal Statement. You should upload your Statement by the deadline specified in the email request.

Upload your Second Personal Statement below. Click on the Attach file button below and use the Browse option to navigate to your file on your computer. Select the file by clicking ‘open’ and then ‘add’ to upload the file. Please remember that only Word files in .doc and docx format can be accepted. The form will not accept Word documents created or saved in versions of Word that are older than 2004. The maximum allowable length of your Statement is 4,000 characters.
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Privacy statement
The data on this form relates to your submission of a Second UCAS Personal Statement in response to a request from the University of Warwick. Your identity, the date and time of your submission and the Statement which you submit will be stored and will be used for the purpose of considering further your UCAS application for the BA Liberal Arts course. Upon completion of the round of admissions to which your application relates, statements will be downloaded and stored securely by the University for a period of 10 years after which they will be permanently deleted. The information you supply in this form will be used to update the record we hold of your application for undergraduate study at the University of Warwick. This information will be incorporated into your student file, if you enrol with the University.
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