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Why Study With Us?

Our degree is radically different from other Liberal Arts programmes around the world.

Here you’ll focus on developing high-level research skills to create interventions in complex problems under the guidance of experienced transdisciplinary academics.

Liberal Arts at Warwick

A Liberal Arts education is based on the idea of learning knowledge worthy of a free, active, and engaged global citizen. Liberal Arts has continually been reinvented to prepare future leaders for the world's most pressing challenges and concerns.

At Warwick, we’ve reimagined what a Liberal Arts education means for the 21st century, driven by the core values of critical thinking and the acquisition of adaptable expertise. We encourage you to think for yourself as you work alongside Warwick’s leading academic scholars to explore the historical and cultural basis of problems, engage with complex and multi-faceted ideas, and design innovative forward-thinking solutions.

Your degree in Liberal Arts will demonstrate the ability to inspire others, provide creative leadership, and to untangle the trickiest and most complex problems – all extremely highly-regarded skills that you can apply to any position in industry, creative endeavours, or future academic study.

Active learning

What would it be like to see the world from new perspectives? Our committed teaching staff will help you make this happen. You'll join a community where your thinking is built into our teaching and learning. We'll work with you as co-creators to ensure your education is relevant and meaningful to you.

All of our core modules are delivered using Problem-Based Learning workshops, which are defined by student-led research-based inquiry. There are no formal lectures, and you’ll instead spend your time in the classroom debating, framing, and presenting research questions and interventions. This is a learning method that’s guided by your specific interests, and so content (explored through in-depth case studies) changes depending on the student cohort.

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Research excellence

In Liberal Arts at Warwick, original knowledge generation is at the heart of what our students do. With a foundation of research training from your first year, we’ll support you in joining our previous students in producing, publishing, and presenting undergraduate research beyond the bounds of the classroom.

Our tutors are not only experts in a range of subject areas, but they are also experts in research-led teaching and learning; they publish and lecture regularly on the teaching methods used here at Warwick. You can find out about some of their recent publications on their profile pages. We're a university with a world-class reputation for research, attracting teachers who are among the very best in their respective fields. Our teachers are innovating, setting the agenda for others to follow.

Student research activities

Our students take part in a range of research activities, including contributing to the academic Reinvention journal, presenting research at the International Conference of Undergraduate Research, and undertaking research projects through Warwick's Undergraduate Research Support Scheme.

Designed by you

Your programme will be tailored to your interests. You'll bring these interests to our Liberal Arts core modules, shaping our discussions and guiding your assessments. As you become more practised with your research and critical thinking skills, you'll bring those abilities to a specific area of interest: your pathway. Your pathway can take you into a traditional subject area, or it can focus on a problem of your choosing. You won't be limited to a single academic discipline. Whether you want to reinvent how we see the past or how we build the future, you’ll be able to put together modules that give you the knowledge, skills, and expertise to be a leader in your area of interest. We’ll work closely with you to help you construct a degree that best suits your passions and future ambitions.

Supported by us

You’ll join our friendly, supportive, and inclusive community, with our own departmental base and dedicated student facilities. Your development will be underpinned by the strategy and resources we’ve put in place so that our specialist staff can support you with building a toolkit you’ll draw on for the rest of your life.

In Liberal Arts, we're committed to educational equity and providing a fair and accessible education. We value the unique combinations of experiences, interests, and perspectives that every student brings to the course. As a student-focused department, we’re keen to support ideas and initiatives led by you. In the past, this has included reform to our course design and the introduction of new pathways. You’ll have the opportunity to use your voice in staff-student forums and the student-led Liberal Arts Society.

100% of our Liberal Arts students feel staff value their views and opinions about the course (The National Student Survey 2020).

Professional development

We acknowledge the importance of employability skills and professional development has been embedded into our programme. We’ve created a series of professional development certificates and you’ll also have the opportunity to engage in different work placements and begin to build your professional networks. You’ll be supported by our Department’s Employability and Placement Manager, who’ll provide you with one-to-one careers guidance.

Connecting you to others

Our staff and students come from a diverse range of international backgrounds. You'll acquire a global perspective, collaborating with students and academics from top overseas universities to explore new areas of research and learning. We have connections with institutions in over 40 different countries, including reserved places for Liberal Arts students to study at top partner institutions during an optional year abroad.


Warwick is ranked 7th overall among UK research universities

(Research Excellence Framework, 2014, the most recent UK-wide assessment)


Warwick has been ranked 8th in Europe Teaching Rankings.

Source: Times Higher Education (THE) Europe Teaching Rankings 2019.


of our Liberal Arts students agree that they feel part of a community of staff and students.

(The National Student Survey 2020)