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Paula Hollstein Barria

phollsteinb at gmail dot com

Paula is a Chilean PhD Law candidate currently researching the phenomenology of victims' involvement in domestic violence, working under the supervision of Prof. Solange Mouthaan and Dr. Henrique Carvalho. Paula was awarded the "Becas Chile" Scholarship by The Chilean National Research and Development Agency, ANID.

Paula explores how other areas of influence, apart from coercive tactics, such as reward and referent power, are relevant to the participant's dynamics in domestic violence. Central to her research is the display of a very dynamic and diverse set of responses from victims, which cause them a deep sense of being implicated. Her goal is to shed new light on the primary harm of this phenomenon: the traumatic feeling of "self-betrayal" while also bringing attention to how law responses do not capture this complex nature of the experience.

She holds an LLB from the University of Chile, an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy from LSE and an LLM in human rights from UCL. Having worked in economic regulatory bodies of the Chilean state in the past, her current academic interests lie in the intersections of law with phenomenology, gender-critical approaches, violence and trauma. She recently worked as a consultant to UN Women project, "Supporting dialogue and human rights in peacebuilding in Bolivia" (2021).

Recent publications:

Keywords: Law and Gender, Phenomenology, Violence, Trauma; Human Rights