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Arts TEAL timetable 2021-2022

Before the start of the 2021-2022 academic year

Moodle rollover opens once modules are scheduled in SITS, July (approx)

Non-rollovered modules created empty and new modules created, 1st September

Ethical approval submission deadline 1, 20th September

Welcome week, 26th September

September TEAL Bulletin

Autumn term, 3rd October

TEAL Forum (online), Wednesday 6th October.

Ethical approval committee meeting 1, 6th October

Module registration for Spring Term closes, 18th October

Vevox Introduction, Wednesday 20th October, 10am

TEAL Forum (OC0.05 & online), Wednesday 20th October, 1-2

Moodle: Getting Started with Quizzes, Thursday 21st October, 10am

WIHEA funded project bids deadline, 21st October (midnight).

PGA TEL course registration opens for staff, week 2

Arts Ed newsletter

Arts staff visit to the new building

Arts Faculty Education Committee, 27th October

PGA TEL course starts for staff, 29th October

Arts TEAL working group Autumn meeting, Wednesday 3rd November, 12-1

TEAL Forum (OC0.05 & online), Wednesday 3rd November, 1-2

SoTL: What is it? How do I do it?, Wednesday 3rd November, 2-3

Arts Faculty Open Day, 6th November

Reading Week begins, 8th November

Ethical approval deadine 2, 8th November

Moodle: Assignment submission, grading and feedback, Tuesday 9th November, 10am

"Wait! It's not a test?!" Alternative Assessments - Planning and Prep, Tuesday 9th November, 1-2

Making Workshops Work, Wednesday 17th November, 10-11

TEAL Forum (OC0.05 & online), Wednesday 17th November, 1-2

Effective blended learning: What have we learnt from students?, 23rd November, 2-3

Ethical approval committee meeting 2, 24th November

TEAL Forum (OC0.05 & online), Wednesday 1st December, 1-2

December TEAL Bulletin

LDCU TEAL Symposium - "Community Building", 8th December

Christmas Vacation, 10th December

Moodle: Getting started with Quiz, Wednesday 15th December

Ethical approval deadline 3, 3rd January

Spring term, 9th January

Winter graduation, 8th January

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme student application deadline, 13th February

Ethical approval committee meeting 3, 19th January

Reading Week begins, 14th February

Ethical approval deadline 4, 15th February

Arts TEAL working group Spring meeting, week 5

Ethical approval committee meeting 4, 2nd March

TEALFest conference (all week) starting 14th March

Spring vacation, 18th March

Module approval deadline for modules running in Autumn 2022, end of Easter vacation (21st April?)

Ethical approval deadline 5, 28th March

Ethical approval committee meeting 5, 13th April

Summer term, 22nd April

Ethical approval deadline 6, 9th May

  WIHEA Fellowship nomination opens, 16th May

  WIHEA Fellowship nomination closes 22nd May

Ethical approval committee meeting 6, 25th May

Arts TEAL working group Summer meeting, week 5

DAL Showcase deadline


Exam boards

End of year DAL Report

End of year TEAL Report

End of academic year TEAL Bulletin

Summer vacation,1st July

Ethical approval deadline 7, 11th July

Summer graduation, 14th July

Ethical approval committee meeting 7, 27th July

Moodle rollover opens once modules are scheduled in SITS, July (approx)

Module Approval deadline for modules running in Spring Term 2023, end of August

Non-rollovered modules created empty and new modules created, 1st September

Moodle Support and Training (possible), start of September

DAL Showcase

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Rolling deadlines:

IATL staff and student funding

Dates needed for:

Registration for 1st year Autumn modules

Registration for Autumn term modules

Arts TEAL training weeks

Nomination for Super Users

Moodle departmental templates and policies design week.

Teams design week.

IT basics week - E-Squad

Final prep to teach week.

When do tutors find out about disabilities and special needs?