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Theatre and Performance Studies BA (Hons) Course Outline

The below course structure is indicative. Modules on offer change year on year, dependent on staff research interests and availability.

Year one

  Our entire first year programme of study is core for single honours students. Each module is worth 30 CATs:

Contemporary Performance Practices

Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies

From Text to Performance

Performance Analysis

Year Two

  In the second year all modules are optional. You will take modules totalling 120 CATS (which may include 30 CATS from other departments), and select your programme of study from the following modules:
Optional Modules
  30 CAT Modules
  Audio-Visual Avant-Gardes (1 x 15 AUTUMN or 30 CATS)
  Theatre in the Community
  Writing for Theatre and Performance
  Plays, Playing Places and Performances in Medieval and Elizabethan England
  15 CAT Modules - Autumn Term
  Audio-Visual Avant-Gardes
  Theatre in the African Context
  Pantomime, Culture & Ideology
  Religion, Secularity, and Affect in the Modern World
  Independent Project
  15 CAT Modules - Spring Term
  South African Theatre
  Nineteenth Century Melodrama in Context
  Performing Online
  Twentieth Century Irish Theatre
  Independent Project

Year Three

In addition to a compulsory 30 CAT Independent Research Option, you will will select options from the following modules totalling 120 CATS (which may include 30 CATS from other departments):

Independent Research Option
Optional Modules (all 30 CATS)
  Adaptation for Performance

Intercultural Performing Practices
  Interpreting the Theatrical Past: Approaches to Theatre Histiography
  Food and Performance
  Performing Gender and Sexuality
  Design for Shakespeare
  15 CAT Module
  Performing Online (Spring)

Dr Wallace McDowell

Theatre and Performance Studies

My favourite thing about the course is its flexibility – I can do the modules that I want to, as well as taking an external module, which allows me to gain a different perspective on a chosen topic. This essentially allows me to tailor my degree in the second and third years.

Charlotte Finley