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Course Structure and Content

This innovative programme was established in October 2014. It is a 12 month long intensive degree course (24 months part time). During the course you will complete a total of five taught modules and a Major Project (original research dissertation) as follows:

Please note: Among the Option Modules (electives) there are some modules more specific to development than others. Some students wish to undertake a module in a related cultural or creative field (such as media or cultural management), others with to remain with the Development-orineted modules, such as the 'Culture and Social Innovation' (a practice module reserved as a priority for AED students).

Major Project (original research dissertation)

You can select from a list of Option Modules available to all students studying for a Masters degree at the Centre. The Option Modules build upon concepts and strategies examined in the Core Modules enabling you to pursue your theoretical and practical interests in more detail. The Major Project is the culmination of your learning and where you establish your expertise in a specific area. It is a project that can be undertaken in field work, in an organisation or through online or desk-research. It allows you to develop your ideas through further research in the field of either local, international or global Development.

Study Options

You may take the course full-time over one year, or part-time over two years (UK students only). During the Autumn and Spring terms, part-time students will be expected to attend seminars at the University one day a week, and full time students two days a week. Howver, activities and group work span other days of the week. Each term is of 10 weeks duration.