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Who is the Course For?

Whether your ambition is a career in the arts or cultural policy making, whether you are new to the cultural sector or an experienced professional, the course will help you to develop and take advantage of a range of career opportunities available to you. The course will enable you to:

  • Develop the strategic mangement, leadership and communications skills necessary to manage a cultural project or organisation
  • Understand the international, political, cultural, social and economic contexts in which both the public and private sectors operate
  • Deepen your knowledge of the theory and practice of cultural policy
  • Question the way you think and enhance your critical thinking abilities
  • Build on your research interests and skills
  • Discover a conceptual space in which to reflect on and evaluate your ideas.

The course is equally popular amongst UK and European graduates as well as students from all over the world such as Canada, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the USA, Mexico and the Middle East.

Where will it take you?

Graduates from this course have developed their careers in a range of different sectors, working as managers in the creative industries and subsidised arts sector, policy makers and lobbyists in both governmental and non-governmental organisations, and as arts and cultural planning consultants. Others have undertaken further research and gone to pursue academic careers.

We maintain close links with our alumni who regularly notify us of job opportunities and work closely with the cultural sector advisors in the University Careers Centre who also offer specialist workshops and advice sessions.