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Information for current undergraduates

BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance Studies (UCAS Code W440 BA/ThPS)

Theatre is one of the oldest forms of cultural expression, which has continually evolved in response to changing social, polticial and cultural landscapes. As we progress through the 21st century, theatre and performance continues to find new forms, new sites, new audiences and new subject matter as it offers a provocative response to burning issues of our times: the status of the body, globalization, cultural diasporas and the environment, to name but a few. Our aim at Warwick is to promote a wide-ranging understanding of theatre and performance and to enable students to make critical, interpretative and creative judgements about the work they encounter. We base our teaching on rigorous engagement with historical developments, key innovators, and theoretical reflections and on a belief that theatre and performance occurs not just in traditional theatre buildings, but also in cities, on streets, in rituals and in daily life, in spaces real, virtual and imagined.

Aims and Objectives


Joint degrees

Course structure, modules and guidance for students on the following joint degrees are provided by the host department: