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TH112 - Introduction to Performance Studies - 2012-13

School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies

TH112 Introduction to Performance Studies
The aim of the module is to identify and explore the growing field of Performance Studies. Performance Studies works to explain some of the fundamental aspects of performance such as presence, liveness, embodiment, event, and theatricality that have relevance not only to the understanding of theatre, but to other forms of artistic expression and, beyond them, to the encounters that constitute our daily lives. It also offers an approach to understanding the ways that performance practitioners employ performance modes to unsettle and interrogate questions of identity, belonging and being. Performance Studies both reaches out to, and is adopted by, other disciplines, including ethnography, cultural studies, politics, human geography, and philosophy, that share with it a hunger to comprehend the world. This module will introduce you to some of the key aspects of Performance Studies and guide you though the territory through an exploration of important case studies in the discipline.
At the end of this module students should be able to:

  • Understand what constitutes performance studies, demonstrate an awareness of current discussions and debates in the field and be familiar with the work of a number of innovative movements and practitioners.
  • Describe, interpret and evaluate performance across a range of occurrences and sites.
  • Show awareness of the interplay between theory and practice within the area of performance studies and of conceptual and creative processes that underpin the understanding and realization of performance.

James Harding j dot m dot harding at warwick dot ac dot uk
Office G23, Millburn House

Class Times:
Lecture: Friday 0930-1100 - SO.19
Seminar A: Monday 0915-1045 - G52
Seminar B: Monday 1100-1230 - G52
Seminar C: Monday 1300-1430 - G52

Assessments: [40% Examined]
25% - Essay 1 - 1500 words - esub_button
35% - Essay 2 - 2500 words - esub_button
40% - 2 hour exam

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Seminar Groups

Group A

Laura Bennett

Rachel Bewley

Aline Bougard

Alexander Cartwright

Cletus Chan

Sarah Collins

Paige Davies

Bryony Davies

Paulina Dregvaite

Selin Erkut

Michael Chidgey

Edward Franklin

Mulan Hegedus

Cherith Johnston

Sam Wightman

Group B

Beth Fiducia-Brookes

Catalina Ginesta

Kristina Hampton

Ella Hawkins

Angus Imrie

Amy Jones

Louise Kahira

Beth Lankester

Jessica Lewis-Shermer

Kate Mant

Marianne Matusz

Phoebe McIndoe

Maddy Murray

Jessica Payne

Jamie Wright

Group C

Harriet McKenzie-Donovan

Emmy Meakin

Amy Morgan

Jack Morning-Newton

Ese Overo Tarimo

Bethan Riddell

Khadija Robinson

India Smith

Rachel Tanner

Astijus Taujanskas

Jack Perkins

Maria Scherbov

Nina White

Alex Wallis

CJ Webley

Tim Barton

Giulia Mattera