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Welcome Letter 2012-13

Dear student

First of all, congratulations on being accepted onto the Theatre Studies course at Warwick. I am writing to you in advance of your arrival to inform you of various things that will assist you in your first few days on campus.

You will be receiving or have already received a Welcome Pack from the University but this letter contains specific information about the department.

First-Year Induction October 2012

Mon Oct 1

9 am – 9.45 am VC Address (Warwick Arts Centre)


Induction session (Dr Wallace McDowell (Head of First Year) and Dr Tim White (Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Careers and Skills
Arts Centre introduction

12 noon Lunch
2 pm Meet Mentors in Millburn Studio – then go to tutor offices with mentors
2.30 pm Personal tutors to join
3 pm Welcome to studying at Warwick (Prof Nadine Holdsworth, Head of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies) G52
4 pm General Reception MILLBURN STUDIO

Tue Oct 2

9.30-10 am Library Introduction – Library Seminar room, floor 2, Library

10.30 am Introduction to Performance Studies induction (Prof James Harding and Dr Wallace McDowell) MILLBURN STUDIO
2.00 pm Practical work and introduction to CPP MILLBURN STUDIO (James Wilson)
Weds/Fri Induction into Introduction to Theatre Studies will take place during the scheduled seminar sessions.

(A map to assist in locating Millburn House can be found in our brochure which you can download at

Your first tutorial is the opportunity to meet the member of staff assigned to you as your personal tutor. Please bring 2 PASSPORT-SIZED PHOTOGRAPHS along to this meeting for our records

Our Website
If you have not already done so, please visit the Theatre Studies website - - we are still updating it for the coming term but you will find lots of information about the degree course as well as other resources to assist you .

The first year – your courses

You take three courses in the first year, as below:

Contemporary Performance Practices: - 60 CATS

Through studio-based creative explorations, theatre visits, workshops with professionals and seminar discussions, this module introduces students to the diverse range of approaches to creating theatre and performance such as devising, new writing, adaptation and storytelling that make up the contemporary theatre and performance landscape. Students discuss and analyse responses to live theatre and performance, but also video, DVD, web-based and written documentation. Students are also introduced to the principles underpinning practice as research and develop their own creative vocabularies through a range of small to large- scale practical tasks and projects, which culminate in an intensive devising period in the summer term. This module also equips students with technical skills in sound and lighting and encourages them to explore technical elements as creative processes in themselves.

Introduction to Theatre: - 30 CATS

This module explores key moments of western theatre such as the Greek and Roman eras and Medieval, Renaissance and Restoration theatres in England, within their historical, cultural and political contexts. It introduces students to historiographical and methodological problems in the study of theatre and to ways of analysing plays and players; performance spaces, spectatorship and the material conditions of performance. It considers the contribution of significant theorists, practitioners and artistic movements to western theatre, as well as providing an introduction to some non-western theatrical forms such as African masquerade and Indian Kathakali.

Introduction to Performance: Studies – 30 CATS

This module introduces the evolving discipline of performance studies. Performance studies is introduced as a method with which to interrogate and understand social and cultural processes, incorporating modes of enquiry related to such fields as ethnography, psychoanalysis, philosophy, politics and geography. It also frames ‘performance’ as a vital artistic phenomenon and invites students to consider different forms of performance activity, the nature of performance process and event, as well as contextual and developmental aspects of the discipline, particularly its links to the historical avant-garde and performance art. Key issues for exploration include the role of the body, liveness, gender, ethnicity, space, memory, ritual and the politics of performance.

Reading Lists 2012-13

Wait! We do not expect you to have read every text below – the first book (Leach) is a good primer and you might want to acquire some of the key texts and start on them prior to your arrival. Copies are available in the library for those books you do not purchase. These books form the foundation of your reading during the first year and many will be referred to throughout the degree

Leach, Robert, Theatre Studies - The Basics (London, Routledge, 2008) [This is a strongly recommended pre-read that will benefit both Introduction to Theatre and Introduction to Performance Studies courses]

Introduction to Theatre:
Primary Set Texts

Balme, Christopher, The Cambridge Introduction to Theatre Studies (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Worthen, W.B, ed., The Wadsworth Anthology of Drama, 5th Revised Edition (London, Heinle, 2006) [Note: you should buy the full 1728 page edition not the 996 page brief edition]

Zarilli, Phillip et al, Theatre Histories: An Introduction (London, Routledge, 2006) 2nd edition Introduction to Theatre: Recommended

Braun, Edward, The Director and the Stage: From Naturalism to Grotowski (London, Methuen, 1982)

Prentki, Tim and Sheila Preston, eds, The Applied Theatre Reader (London, Routledge, 2008)

Contemporary Performance Practices:
Primary Set Texts

Kerrigan, Sheila, The Performer’s Guide to the Collaborative Process (London, Heineman,2001)

Introduction to Performance Studies:
Primary Set Texts

Bial, Henry, ed., The Performance Studies Reader, 2nd Edition (London: Routledge, 2007)

Carlson, Marvin, Performance: a Critical Introduction, 2nd Edition (London: Routledge, 2004)

Schechner, Richard, Performance Studies: An Introduction, 2nd Edition (London: Routledge, 2006)

Introduction to Performance Studies:

Auslander, Philip Liveness: Performance in a Mediatized Culture, 2nd Edition (London: Routledge, 2008)

Davis, Tracey C.,ed., The Cambridge Companion to Performance Studies ( Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Heathfield, Adrian, ed., Live: Art and Performance (London, Tate Publishing, 2004)

Huxley, Michael and Witts, Noel, eds, The Twentieth-Century Performance Reader, 2nd Edition (London: Routledge, 2002)

Pavis, Patrice, The Intercultural Performance Reader (London,Routledge, 1996)