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Ethical Approval, CRB/DBS checks and Consent

The Department and the University are committed to ensuring high standards of research at all levels. To ensure that research complies with the University’s ethical guidelines, all students who wish to undertake research involving human participants and their data must obtain appropriate ethical approval. Normally, successful completion of the Department’s Undergraduate Research Ethics Review Form, available on the department website, will confirm such approval. Your research supervisor will tell you whether this is necessary and will provide assistance with the form. It is the responsibility of this tutor to ensure completion and submission of the form to the Department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies (Tim White) before interviewing or other fieldwork commences. A consent form template for interviewees is also available on the department website.

Students seeking to undertake work with children or young people in educational contexts may have to undergo a so-called CRB or DBS check. Students should be aware that this procedure costs money (£45 approx.) and should consult the Department’s administrator Sarah Shute for advice on how to proceed should it prove necessary.


Ethics Review Form
Interview Consent Form (pdf)