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Practical Option






School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies

TH306 Practical Option


Module Convenor: Convenor: Nicolas Whybrow (Autumn), Susan Haedicke (Spring)

Tutors: Tim White, Susan Haedicke, Nicolas Whybrow, Janelle Reinelt
Technical Support: Rob Batterbee
Lecture/Seminar & Room: Practical spaces/edit suite/off campus as appropriate


The Practical Option provides tutorial and supervisory support for groups of students who wish to undertake extended research through practical work. Projects effectively commence towards the end of students’ second year with the approval of proposals and initial meetings with assigned supervisors to develop a research plan over the summer vacation. At the beginning of the third year each group will be required to provide a short informal summary presentation of its intended project (10 mins max) to all other participants in the module and members of staff supervising practical options at a preliminary meeting (Week 1). Projects then develop independently over the Autumn and Spring Terms. Work in progress presentations take place in Week 6 (Reading Week) of the Autumn Term. These all take place on the Friday of that week and it is a formal requirement that all module participants attend for the duration of all presentations in order to provide support and feedback to respective groups. Groups should expect to spend Reading Week working in preparation for these presentations. The works in progress are not assessed separately but they will contribute to the final practical mark as a reflection of a group’s progress during the course of the module. The final assessed showings take place in Week 7 of the Spring Term at times to be arranged early in that term and are worth 60% of the assessment (as a group mark).


Practical processes should be informed by research imperatives and a framework appropriate to the area of investigation. Both the creative and research processes should take place with a level of supervisory input appropriate to the project and the group. These sessions are not timetabled and it is students’ responsibility to liaise with their supervisor on the nature and amount of their input during the Practical Option. Individual critical reviews of 4,000 words evaluating the work in its development and performance are due in Week 4 of the Summer Term (worth 40% of the assessment).


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • Engage in an extended period of practice-based exploration to generate an original performance and/or media-based product.
  • Identify the appropriate skills, working methods and approaches required when conducting research through practice.
  • Undertake independent research-based investigation to inform written and practical work.
  • Document, analyse and evaluate the conceptual and creative processes they have undertaken during the course of the module and communicate what they have learnt in writing.
  • Practical Submission – 60%

Work in Progress presentations: Friday, Week 6, Autumn Term*

Final Showing: Week 7 Spring Term

  • Critical Review (4000 words or equivalent) – 40%

Deadline: Wednesday, Week 4, Summer Term

* You will receive informal audience feedback on your progress following these presentations as well as notes from your supervisor.

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