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Theatre in the Community - Schedule

Timetable to be confirmed.

Intensive student-led rehearsal will begin in the latter part of the spring term leading to the production period in the first four weeks of the summer term (exact times and venue to be arranged). Broad themes covered during the module are as follows:

Term 1

  • Introduction to the module
  • Definitions of community - contexts/objectives/strategies
  • Historical & political roots of theatre in the community
  • Government policy and the place of theatre in the community
  • Criminology, psychology & theatre in prisons
  • Workshops - games & exercises
  • Introduction to facilitation – structuring the drama workshop
  • Theatre companies working in communities

Term 2

  • Assessed workshop
  • Behaviour management in community settings
  • Group dynamics and conflicting interests in the workshop
  • Using improvisation
  • Devising – skills and methodologies
  • Researching the context (preparation for performance project)

Term 3

  • Devising and rehearsals
  • Performances and workshops
  • Evaluation