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Assessment Criteria/Titles 2015

50% - Project-based assessment ESUB2015

50% - Essay (2500 words) - ESUB2015

Project-based Assessment

Three example projects from 2013 are included below:
Jo Honnor: My Life
This consisted of an installation in the studio comprising about a dozen wires strung across the space pegged on to which were every facebook post by the student since they joined FB. The student was in the space and offered to respond to any questions. As students were invited to provide a commentary for the work this is provided here

Making Viral Videos
This three-person project attempted to work out what made a youtube video viral. Each student then posted a video they had made to test their various ideas. The documentation can be found here

Virtually Your Friend
Following the implications of buying FB likes, the student produced a website that offered to engage with the purchaser on facebook at varying degress of supposed intimacy based on their payment. The project is documented here

Project Proposals
1. Submission of Proposal USING THIS FORM - Monday 16th February (Week 7)
Given the size of the group and to ensure fair allocation of resources and supervision, projects will be accepted from individuals or groups of between 2 and 4 people in size. The proposal should provide
a) a title
b) names of group members
c) a contact person and email and/or mobile number
d) rationale for the project
e) supporting files (up to 4 - optional)

2. Feedback on proposal (by email) - Friday 20th February (Week 7)

3. Tutorial sessions on project - during session in Week 8 - Thursday 26th February

4. Practical work on project in Week 8 session (no class apart from tutorials)

5. Practical work on project in Week 9 session (no class)

6. Practical work on project in Week 10 session (no class) plus individual tutorials for essays

7. Submission of Projects Wednesday 18th March (Spring Break week 1) 4pm

Please note: The proposal will form part of the assessment

Dear all,
In advance of the Monday (4pm) deadline for submission of Project Proposals


and following a couple of requests for clarification around solo work I have decided to make the following conditions.
1. Projects may be solo works or group works (2 to 4 people)
2. Projects will be realised as online performances or research and the electronic submission will consist of documentation of the work and your reflection on it (see the sample projects MAKING VIRAL VIDEOS and VIRTUALLY YOUR FRIEND ( for examples. Obviously a more extensive response is expected to reflect the size of the group. As the project is partly practical the direct correlation between percentage and word count - 2,500 equivalent per person - does not strictly apply as some of your contribution may consist of, for example, establishing a website, social media account, game character etc but it should be sufficient to both document and reflect on your practice. I will provide feedback on proposals and Week 8 is given over to tutorials with each person/group to clarify this.
3. Following on from 2., in order to be equitable, given the size of the class and competing demands on space, there will not be the option of presenting the work offline ie in a studio or other space, though you may record an offline activity that constitutes part of your project but it cannot be presented to the class as your submission.
4. Those who have yet to settle on a project should not only consider some of the provocations of the sessions to date
W1 - the role of technology in our lives
W2 - real vs virtual
W3 - cyborgs and posthumans
W4 - slactivism
W5 - online games
(handouts and keynotes for all these sessions available here
W7 - social media
but may also want to scan the excellent reseources on the DIGITAL HUMAN TUMBLR as mentioned in week 1 -

Please get back to me with any queries

Essay titles

1. "Cyberspace is the new frontier". With reference to two or more examples, consider the ways in which the expectations of real space find their way into the formulation of virtual worlds.

2. "Given that we can do pretty much anything in cyberspace, what should we do?"

3. With reference to the work of one or more artist/researcher engaged in crossing the divide between organic and machine forms, consider the ethical concerns that may arise.

4. "We become more democratic the more we use the possibilities of the online world". Argue for or against this proposition, referring in your answer to at least two case studies.

5. Referring to two computer games, consider the extent to which they are an escape from the real world or an extension of its values into the imaginary.

6. How might we understand the term 'audience' in relation to social media?

Rancière, Jacques. "The Emancipated Spectator." Artforum.March (2007): 270-81. Print.

Deadline Monday 30th March 4pm (Spring Break Week 3)