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Reading List - South African Theatre - 2012-13

Prescribed Collections of plays

Fourie, Charles (ed) 2006. New South African Plays. London: Aurora Metro Publishers.
Graver, David (ed.) 1999. Drama for a new South Africa. Indiana University Press.

Plays that stand alone, and/ or are available as single texts or collections, see weekly breakdown.


Kruger, Loren. The Drama of South Africa: Plays, pageants & Publics since 1910. London & NY: Routledge.
Articles from the South African Theatre Journal, on-line (Full text available from Taylor & Francis Social Science and Humanities Library: 01/01/1987 to present)

Individual plays – in collections

Fugard, Athol Sizwe Bansi is Dead & The Island, in Township plays, Dennis Walder (ed.) Oxford: Oxford Uni Press.
Davids, Nadia 2006. At her Feet. Cape Town: Oshun.
Junction Avenue Theatre Company 2001. Sophiatown (in Graver, or in At the Junction, Wits Uni Press.)
Kani, John 2003. Nothing but the truth. Johannesburg: Wits Uni Press.
Manaka, Matsemela. 1995. Beyond the Echoes of Soweto: Five Plays by Matsemela Manaka (Contemporary Theatre Studies) Geoffrey V. Davis (ed.) Harwood Academic, 1997.
Maponya, Maishe 1997. Hungry Earth (in various anthologies: Helen Gilbert (ed.) Postcolonial Plays; or
Mtwa, Percy, Mbongeni Ngema, Barney Simon. 1983. Woza Albert! London: Methuen.
Perkins, K. (ed.) 1998. Black South African Women: an anthology of plays. London & New York: Routledge.
Smit, Bartho, Christine. In Hauptfleisch, T. & Steadman, I. 1984. South African Theatre. Pretoria: Haum Publishers.
Taylor, Jane. 1998. Ubu and the Truth Commission (available individually Cape Town: University of Cape Town Press, or in Helen Gilbert (ed.) Postcolonial Plays: An Anthology, Routledge)

Useful critical references

Blumberg, Marcia and Dennis Walder (Eds.), South African Theatre as/and Intervention (Rodopi)
Brown, Duncan. 1998. Voicing the Text – South African oral poetry and performance. Cape Town: Oxford University Press.
Coplan, D. 1985. In Township Tonight. Johannesburg: Ravan press.
Davis, Geoffrey & Anne Fuchs (Ed.) Theatre and Change in South Africa
Fuchs, Anne Playing the Market. (Harwood)
Goodman, Liz (Ed.), Contemporary Theatre Review, Vol. 9, Parts 1, 2, and 3: Politics and Performance in South African Theatre Today (Harwood)
Gouws, Amanda (ed.) c.2005. (Un)thinking Citizenship: feminist debates in contemporary South Africa. Aldershot/Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishers.
Gunner, L. (ed.) 1994. Politics and performance: Theatre, Poetry and Song. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press.
Kavanagh, R. 1985. Theatre and Cultural Struggle in South Africa. Zed Books.
Kruger, Loren. The Drama of South Africa: Plays, pageants & Publics since 1910. London/NY: Routledge.
Mda, Zakes When People Play People: Development Communication Through Theatre . Zed Books.
Mtwa, Credo, Indaba My Children – African tribal history, legends, customs and religious beliefs. London: Kath & Averill.
Orkin, M. 1991. Drama and the South African State. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press.