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TH320 - Intercultural Performance Practices 2014-15




The Intercultural Performance module is taught in conjunction with an identical module at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The course begins with collaborative assignments which help the students get to know one another and to learn about the cultural embeddedness of theatre. Then what this means for (intercultural) reception. Students will acquire knowledge of the English and Dutch theatre systems and will be taught to analyse performances in terms of the differences between both theatre worlds. In this process theatrical imagery, playing styles and auditory elements will often be more important than the dramatic text. Students should also be able to relate the (inter)cultural dynamics of producing and perceiving theatrical performances to general literature within the field of theatre studies.

The Intercultural Performance module uses IT and video resources to enable link-ups between Warwick and Amsterdam and explores the use of video resources in developing commentary on theatre and performance. Besides the goals of acquiring scholarly knowledge the students also learn to use stills and fragments of video recordings in order to illustrate and clarify their own writing and to make ‘pictorial essays’. In this way the course will contribute to video literacy. Videoconferencing, Warwick Blogs and Warwick Forums will be used to enhance the communication process between the Warwick and Amsterdam students.


Pictorial Essay 30%,
Participation/Attendance 10%,
Exam 60%

Weekly programme

  1. Module Introduction
  2. Two streaming videos
  3. Dutch Theatre
  4. English Theatre
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. Reading Week
  7. Postdramatic Examples
  8. Practice Presentations
  9. Group Presentations
  10. Group Presentations