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Assessment Criteria / Titles

25% Essay (2500 words) ESUB2015

25% Seminar Presentation ESUB2015

50% Written Assignment 5000 words ESUB2015

The Practical Assessment

Students will be required to engage in projects related to an arts organisation, in a real life and contextualised application of the theories of arts marketing.
Under the supervision of the course tutor, students will work with their chosen arts organisation, carrying out a full marketing audit of its activities, strategies, artistic policies and markets. Students will make a critical assessment of the organisation’s ability to deliver its mission/vision and business plan from a marketing perspective.
Students will also be expected to choose one element of the chosen organisation’s work and devise a workable marketing strategy and/or tactical campaign plan.
Students will work both with the course tutor and the arts organisation in establishing this chosen element, with the aim of creating a new and useful plan. The expected written contribution will be 5000 words.
The final mark will be awarded in the basis of a sound application of the learnt principles with an individual approach to the assignment.

Placement assesment criteria.