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TH111 - Introduction to Theatre - 2012-13

School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies

TH111 Introduction to Theatre
This module seeks to provide a basis for students’ studies in Theatre throughout their degree programme through an exploration of western theatre within its historical contexts, a consideration of the contribution of significant theorists and practitioners to western theatre; as well as an introduction to some non-western theatrical forms and an examination of the place of Applied Theatre in the contemporary theatre context. It will introduce students to historiographical and methodological problems in the study of theatre and to ways of analysing performance texts, performance techniques, spaces and audiences, while developing an awareness of the wide range of topics and approaches that constitute the discipline.

Wallace McDowell - Wallace dot B dot McDowell at warwick dot ac dot uk
Office G44, Millburn House

Class Times:
Lecture: Monday 1500-1700 (SO.21)
Seminar Group A: Wednesday 0930-1030 (G52)
Seminar Group B: Wednesday 1100-1200 (G52)
Seminar Group C: Friday 1200-1300 (G52)

Assessments [50% examined]
25% - PORTFOLIO 1 esub_button
25% - PORTFOLIO 2 esub_button
50% - 2 hour exam

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Reading List
Assessment Criteria/Titles
Assessment Deadlines
Exam Timetable
Attendance List

Seminar Groups

Groups fit into hour-long slots on Wed or Fridays, with Dr. Wallace McDowell or David Coates for discussions based on issues raised by the lectures, the introduction of theoretical ideas, and how academic writing works.

 Group A

Laura Bennett

Rachel Bewley

Aline Bougard

Alexander Cartwright

Cletus Chan

Sarah Collins

Paige Davies

Bryony Davies

Paulina Dregvaite

Selin Erkut

Amaka Ejizu

Amanda Fawcett

Joelle Fitch

Sophie Halford

Jamie Wright

Aaron Butterfield

 Group B

Beth Fiducia-Brookes

Catalina Ginesta

Kristina Hampton

Ella Hawkins

Angus Imrie

Amy Jones

Louise Kahira

Beth Lankester

Jessica Lewis-Shermer

Kate Mant

Rozzy Knox

Greg Layhe

Jodie Marsden

Stuart Nunn

Sam Wightman

 Group C

Harriet McKenzie-Donovan

Emmy Meakin

Amy Morgan

Jack Morning-Newton

Ese Overo Tarimo

Bethan Riddell

Khadija Robinson

India Smith

Rachel Tanner

Astijus Taujanskas

Alex Wallis

Hannah Pusey

Gethin Roberts

Sophie Wallin

Alex Welsh

CJ Webley

Tim Barton

Giulia Mattera

Xiaoyue Zhang