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TH114 - Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies - 2014-15

School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies

TH114 Introduction to Theatre & Performance Studies
'Because the study of canonical plays and their production processes and histories by no means exhausts the range of performance genres and practices, the performance studies department picks up where the theatre department stops'
(Conquergood, 1995: 139).

In the light of Conquergood's comment above, this new module will enable all students to grasp the clear links between these two inter-related disciplines of theatre studies and performance studies ,allowing a greater understanding of how one informs the other.

The module will:

  • Equip the students with a broad understand of the key issues and theoretical concepts underpinning the study of theatre and performance
  • Investigate how theatre and performance studies can throw particular light in issues raised by questions of identity
  • Explore the role played by the places, spaces and environments of theatre and performance
  • Examine how politics and culture intersect with the study of theatre and performance

Wallace McDowell

Class Times:
Lecture: Mon 1500-1700 (SO.21)
Seminar A: Wed 0930-1100 (G52)
Seminar B: Wed 1130-1300 (G52)
Seminar C: Fri 1130-1300 (G53)
Seminar D: Fri 13.30-1500 (G52)

Seminar groups

25% research poster

25% 2, 500-word essay

50% 2 hour Exam

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